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Holiday Gift Guide for the Horror Gamer in Your Life (2022)

All James wants for Christmas is a wife clone and an escape from the omnipresent, soul-crushing guilt

by Daphne Fama

2022 has been a great year for horror both mainstream and indie. But you can make this holiday season even better for your favorite horror fan with some of these thoughtful, horror game themed gifts. Here’s our 2022 holiday gift guide for the horror gamer in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide for the Horror Gamer in Your Life (2022)

Silent Hill Trucker Cap

If your gamer loves games but hates to be too obvious when repping their gaming merch, a great option is a trucker hat that calls out an iconic location in the game. This Toluca Lake Trucker Hat is a subtle reference to one of the significant places in Silent Hill. Find it here for $34.99.

Dead by Daylight Dating Sim

If your horror fanatic has a sense of humor and plays Dead by Daylight, I can’t recommend the parody Hooked On You: A Dead By Daylight Dating Sim enough. For the price, you get a surprising amount of content and it’s a genuinely enjoyable game that will undoubtedly get a few laughs (and what the hell’s) from your friend. Buy it here for $10.00.

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Scorn Art Book

Horror games are almost always visually fascinating, with unique monster designs and memorable environments. But Scorn might hold the title for best visuals in 2022, with its strange, organic hellscape. If your horror fan enjoyed Scorn, it’s likely they’ll love this art book. Scorn: The Art of the Game explores in detail Scorn’s environments and comes in both digital and hardback. Find it here for $24.99 or $45.00, respectively.

Resident Evil: R.P.D. Hoodie

It’s been a big, big year for Resident Evil and there’s only more to come in 2023. If your horror fan loves the series, a great option is the Resident Evil: R.P.D. Hoodie. Not only can they rep Racoon City’s blue like Leon Kennedy, it’ll keep them warm, too. Find it here for $64.99.

Castlevania Xmas Sweater

With the new announcement for Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, many fans are thrilled to see fan favorite characters like Alucard and Richter again. Keep the festivities going with this pixelated Castlevania sweater, which is perfect for the holiday season. Find it here for $51.99.

System Shock T-shirt

We’ve seen a lot of remakes this year, and there are only more to come, much to the joy of System Shock fans. This game was initially released in 1994 and has garnered cult status ever since. Get your gamer a shirt so they can rep it before it’s mainstream. Find it here for $24.99.

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