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Holiday Gift Guide for the Gamer Girl in Your Life (2022)

Show the gamer girl in your life some love this holiday season

by Daphne Fama

2022 has had a record number of reported female gamers, and it’s likely that there’s one in your life, fragging or farming into the late hours of the night. Show her some much-deserved love this holiday season with some thoughtful gifts that will brighten up her happy place. Here’s our 2022 holiday gift guide for the gamer girl in your life.

Cloud Headphone Stand

Every gamer needs a place to hang their headphones and here’s one of the unique and aesthetic ways to do it. This cloud headset stand comes in dozens of colors, so you can perfectly match it to her desk set up. Find it here for $54.99.

Key Caps

If your gamer girl is a PC gamer and loves her mechanical keyboard, an easy way to bring it some flair is a cute keycap. There’s dozens to choose from and one of which is sure to fit her aesthetic. This Crystal Wing keycap comes in four different colors. Find it here for $28.00.

Desk Decoration

Whether she prefers PC or consoles, it’s likely the gamer girl in your life has a gaming set up that could use a little flair. Desk Decorations are a small aesthetic touch that will brighten up her space and there are countless options to choose from for whatever her aesthetic is. This cute frog doubles as décor and a desk organizer. Find it here for $19.07.

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Tea Warmer

Who among us hasn’t made a nice cup of coffee or tea and then promptly forgotten it existed? If your gamer girl is a tea neglecter, a desk-sized tea warmer is the perfect option for something practical but unobtrusive. Find it here for $11.99.

Headset with accessories

We all know about cat ear headsets. But have you heard about cow ear headphones? How about sapling headphones? Yes, headset accessories have come a long way this year, and there’s dozens of options to choose from, many of which you can attach and detach at will. This charming gift will probably be unexpected, but welcome. Find it here for $19.95.

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