Holiday Gift Guide for the Dead by Daylight Fan in Your Life (2023)

A horrifying holiday awaits in the Fog

Dead by Daylight is the multiplayer game of our dreams (or rather, our nightmares), so what better way to celebrate the Holiday season than with some one-of-a-kind gifts that will make the biggest DBD fans scream in joy? Thankfully, you won’t need to know how to loop to get these amazing gifts.

Keep it Kawaii While Trying To Survive

Dead by Daylight T-Shirt
Photo by PebblesunShop on Etsy

There are plenty of amazing items that survivors and killers alike can utilize while they’re in the Trail for their life, but none of them look this cute. This stylish shirt is easily one of the best pieces of Dead by Daylight clothing I’ve seen and offers an adorable look into an otherwise less-than-adorable world. This is the perfect gift for the Survivor main in your life, so be sure to get your hands on one before they are all gone. The Entity would be jealous to see someone rocking this in The Fog.

A Mori For The Ages

Dead by Daylight Polaroid picture
Image by gojoshostclub on Etsy

Ghostface is one of the most horrifying killers in Dead by Daylight, but his Mori (or Insta-kill) is one of the most iconic. After brutally taking down a survivor, he’ll quickly whip out his camera and snap a picture with his victim, and what better way to celebrate with a Ghostface main than a Polaroid of the occasion? Find out who their least favorite survivor is and get a custom selfie of Ghostface helping them meet an untimely end. It’s a funny gift for those in the know and a horrifying gift to give to a Survivor main.

Send In The Clowns With Custom Twitch Emotes

Twitch Emotes for DBD Players
Image via icitworks on Etsy

As a Clown main, I’m definitely not biased toward these particular emotes at all. You absolutely won’t find my review for these particular emotes if you check out their Etsy shop at all, nope. But really, icitworks is an excellent seller to work with and can provide some amazing custom Twitch emotes for the DBD streamer in your life. No matter their main and no matter their audience, these emotes will bring out the wild side in any DBD streamer. They’re also available in .gif form, so you can get your favorite streamer some moving emotes for their next big stream.

A Killer Portrait To Put On Display

DBD Artwork
Image by ColemanStampley on Etsy

Dead by Daylight Year III Pack – $40.00

Coleman Stampley is a well-known artist in the Dead by Daylight community, and for excellent reason. Their work is fantastic and pops off of the page in their particular stylized form. I can speak from personal experience; the Clown print I received from Coleman is a conversation starter and looks fantastic when framed. Plus, the price is just right. With various killers to choose from or packs of four prints to purchase, these art pieces would be perfect gifts for the Killer main in your life.

Adorable Figures of Your Favorite Characters

If you’re looking to get your favorite DBD fan a fun little desk piece, the YouTooz collection is the perfect gift. These 3.5-inch figures may be stylistically simple, but they’re just so gosh-darn adorable. I absolutely don’t have a Feng Min sitting inside of my PC case at the moment with a Trickster on the way, but you should strongly consider getting your favorite DBD player a figure or two to add to their ever-growing collection.

Keep Your Drinks Cold With This Killer Tumbler

Cold drink Tumbler DBD
Image via LittleLionsLair on Etsy

A proper killer always stays hydrated, and what better way to do so than with this awesome handmade tumbler? 24oz is a fair bit of fluid, so you’ll never need to worry about running out while you’re in the middle of a hunt. Whether you’re dumping your favorite energy drink in here or looking to stick to water, you’ll always have the perfectly cool sip to partake in between Trails.

A Gift For Those Who Love Smelling Great

DBD Body Butter
Image via Behaviour Entertainment

While using this body butter may give the Killer some knowledge as to where you’re currently hiding, you’ll smell and feel great while fighting for your life. This collaborative effort between Spooks & Spanks has three different options to choose from, so be sure that you know exactly what Perks you’d like to run before jumping into the Fog for a relaxing and soothing experience.

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