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Hitman: Not For Human Consumption Feat

by Prima Games Staff

There are many Feats you can unlock when you take on the Freeform Training or Guided Training missions in Hitman. However, the one that takes the cake is Not For Human Consumption Feat, which we’ll walk you through in this guide. You can unlock this Feat, along with a handful of others, on this mission.

Once you begin, head left inside the building and subdue the mechanic working on the machinery. You can do this either by knocking him out or killing him. Take his disguise and hide his body, then go onto the ship via the cargo hold. Watch out for the mechanic with a dot over his head. He’ll give you away as not being what you appear to be so just go right past him.

Head through the left door located on the left side of the stairs heading toward Deck 01. You’ll find the Rat Poison in here. Grab it to earn the Store Securely Feat (if you haven’t already unlocked it).

From there, go down the hallway through a door on the left-hand side. Go in and look for a chair in the corner right next to a Yacht Crew disguise. Proceed to change over and earn the Join the Crew Feat.

Next, make your way up to Deck 02 using the stairs. Don’t bump directly into your target. He’ll see through your disguise since he hired the crew. Watch where he goes, then make your way to the crate with a single glass of wine on it. Take the option to Poison it then head over to the bar and Blend in to prevent Kalvin from seeing through your disguise.

Once he drinks the wine you’ll earn the Not For Human Consumption Feat, but you’re not done just yet. When he heads to the bathroom to throw up you can choose to follow him. Go in and drown him in the toilet (you’ll see an option to do so) and earn the Ironic Feat. Once you’re done hide his corpse in a closet close to the bathroom and earn The Cleaner Feat for your trouble. After that, go ahead and leave the yacht and head back to where you started and hit the End Mission button. Try to going back the way you came to avoid suspicion with the guards in the main entry. That’s it!

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