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Hitman: Episode 5 – How to Complete the Crushed It Assassination Challenge

by Prima Games Staff

Hitman: Episode 5 sends Agent 47 to the Colorado wilderness, where he must infiltrate and take down a homegrown terrorist group who has taken over a farm. Players will need all their wits to bring down all four of the targets in this episode. In this article we walk you through completing the Crushed It assassination challenge, which requires you to take down one of your targets by crushing them with a car.

How to Complete the Crushed It Assassination Challenge

Before we dive into our walkthrough, there are few things we’d like to note.

  • Select Undercover in the Garage as your Starting Location.
  • This will give you the Militia Technician as your starting disguise.
  • Bring along a Lockpick.
  • Make sure to equip the Coin.

While you can complete this challenge with other starting locations and disguises, we suggest following the outline above to make sure you don’t run into too many issues.

Crushed It Assassination Challenge Walkthrough

Load up the mission and choose the starting location, Undercover in the Garage. This will spawn you in using the Militia Technician disguise. You’ll also want to bring a Lockpick and Coin along as your gear this time around, as you’ll need them to be able to complete the mission and take down all your targets.

Once you load in, the first thing you need to do is take down the guards in the area. Immediately turn to the right and toss a coin into the corner. While you wait for the guard in the garage to respond to the noise, grab the wrench from the table and keep an eye on the other guards outside the area. You’ll need to wait for the guard in the garage to inspect where the coin hit, then knock him out with the wrench when nobody else is looking.

With the garage guard down, hide his body in the back room of the garage, and then head outside. Turn right, and move into the barn, activating the generator in the middle of the area to pull another guard towards you. Wait for him to turn the generator off, and then toss a coin further into the garage to pull him out of sight of the other guards in the area. This will allow you to take him down without running into any issues.

With the two guards in the area down, it’s time to wait for your target, Maya Parvati, to come closer. When it comes into view, all you’ll need to do is toss a coin under the car that’s suspended in the garage. Wait for him to inspect it, and when he is bending down to check it out, interact with the Car Lift to release the car and take your target out.

Now that you’ve found out how to complete the Crushed It assassination challenge, be sure to head over to our Hitman walkthrough and guide for more details and walkthroughs to help you take out all your targets in the newest episode.

Hitman: Episode 5 tasks players with taking out four new targets by infiltrating a terrorist base camp at a Colorado farm. In the episode players will learn more about the underlying plot of the newest iteration of the popular assassin game, and will help push things further along as we come closer to the final episodes. If you followed the guide above, you should have completed the Crushed It assassination challenge in Hitman: Episode 5.

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