This guide covers how to complete the You’re So Fly assassination challenge in Hitman: Episode 4. Agent 47 is tasked with taking down rockstar, Jordan Cross, and his lawyer, Ken Morgan. The episode takes place in Bangkok, where players will need to infiltrate a high-profile hotel in order to take down their targets. This guide will walk you through all the steps needed to complete the You’re So Fly assassination challenge, which tasks you with taking out Jordan Cross by pushing him off the atrium rooftop.

Grab your Disguise

If you want to get close to Jordan Cross, and get him alone on the atrium roof, you’re going to have to grab a good disguise. Make your way into the hotel, and turn right at the lobby. Take the stairs to your left, just inside the restaurant, and then slip inside the door directly to your left at the stop of the steps. Inside you should notice a control for the room’s sound system, it is located on the wall beside a large drink cooler.

Turn the system off, and then hide, and wait for a waiter to come around. Knock him out, hide his body, and then equip his outfit. This will allow you to place poison in Abel De Silva’s drink. Once you have poisoned him, he will run to the nearest garbage can. Wait for him to start puking, and then knock him out, hide his body with the other, and take his outfit.

Take Out Jordan Cross

This will allow you to get close to Jordan Cross, as well as complete the Man Machine challenge, which will be acquired when Jordan asks you to show him what you’ve got on the drums at the studio.

Now make your way through the hotel in the De Silva outfit, and all the way up to the studio in the back left of the hotel. Head up the steps to the left of the studio, where you will meet Jordan Cross. He’ll ask you to follow him down the studio, where you’ll need to interact with the drums to show off your skills. After a pleasant drumming session, Cross will ask you to follow him to the atrium rooftop, where he wants to talk to you about something very private.

Follow Cross and his bodyguards to the atrium rooftop. At a certain point the body guards will begin clearing the rooftop of civilians, and then they will hang back so you and the rockstar can talk in private. Wait for him to lean on the railing and then strike. This will push him off the edge, where he will break through the glass and fall to his death below. Assassinating Jordan Cross in his fashion will earn you the You’re So Fly assassination challenge, and from there you’ll just need to figure out a way to take out Ken Morgan.