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Hitman: Episode 4 – Tuk-Tuk and Away Assassination

by Prima Games Staff

Completing the Tuk-Tuk and Away assassination in Hitman: Episode 4 whisks Agent 47 away to Bangkok, where he is tasked with taking down world renowned rockstar, Jordan Cross, and his overbearing lawyer, Ken Morgan. This guide will teach you how to complete the Tuk-Tuk and Away assassination challenge, which will require you to take out Ken Morgan using an aging old Tuk-Tuk automobile.

Find and Repair the Tuk-Tuk

The hardest part about this challenge is getting yourself inside. In order to make it to the area that holds the Tuk-Tuk and its owner, you’re going to have to find and secure a Soldier’s outfit. This can be done using the In-Secure spawn point, or by sneaking into the basement, luring a soldier to a secluded area, and taking him out. Once you have the outfit equipped, make your way through the basement and locate the Wrench and Screwdriver in the storage area. You’re going to need both items, so make sure you have them before continuing above ground. The Wrench can be grabbed from the mechanic’s toolbox in the laundry area, and the screwdriver is on a shelf in the basement’s storage area.

Once you have both of the tools, head out into the garden area and locate the aging Tuk-Tuk and its owner, who is hard at work trying to fix the old car’s engine. If you listen for a moment the Tik-Tuk opportunity will be revealed, and you’ll discover that Ken Morgan is interested in purchasing the old automobile from the worker. While he is busy talking to a nearby hotel staff member, sneak up behind the Tuk-Tuk and repair it using the Wrench.

Wait it Out

Now all you have to do is wait for the worker to test the Tuk-Tuk. After he starts the engine and finds the old hunk of junk in working condition, he’ll head off to find Ken Morgan and tell him the good news. After he leaves, sneak up to the Gasoline Drum, which has been placed suspiciously close to the automobile, and puncture it using your screwdriver.

Now you just need to wait until Ken Morgan and the worker return. Mr. Morgan will then start the engine on the automobile, and the backfire from the engine will start a fire, causing the whole contraption to explode and kill the lawyer. This will complete half of your job, and reward you with the Tuk-Tuk and Away assassination challenge.

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