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Hitman: Episode 4 – Unlock the Nutcracker Assassination Challenge

by Prima Games Staff

This guide covers how to unlock the Nutcracker assassination challenge in Hitman: Episode 4. Agent 47 has arrived in Bangkok, and is ready to take on his next contract. Infiltrate one of the most prestigious hotels in Thailand’s capitol, and bring your next two targets to their knees. Jordan Cross, a popular musician, has returned to his family’s hotel to record some new tracks in a private studio. His lawyer, Ken Morgan, has come along for the ride. You’ll need to take them both out to complete this job and move on to your next contract. This guide will teach you how to complete the Nutcracker assassination challenge by killing your enemies using nothing but coconuts.

Take Ken Morgan Out

The first step to completing this target is to make sure you have the perfect loadout. You’re going to want to bring some Poison along with you, as it’s going to be one of your chief instruments of murder during this mission. Once you’re prepared, start the mission and immediately make your way into the hotel atrium, turn right at the front desk. The door in front of you will lead you to a large restaurant lobby where Ken Morgan is waiting. Before he enters the area, sprint to the last plate of food in the second section of the bar, and poison the meal.

Now you just need to wait. After a few moments, Ken and his bodyguard will arrive, and Ken will quickly become enamored with the smell of the poisoned food. Wait for him to taste it, and then turn your back on him as the effects of the poison start to kick in.

To pull this job off you’re going to need to head to the middle landing of the stairs just to the right of the restaurant area where you entered. These are the same stairs you have to climb if you’re going after the Stage Crew outfit. Don’t go all the way up, however, as what you’ll need to do now is make sure nobody is coming, then crouch and pull out your silenced pistol while standing about halfway up the second set of stairs.

Use your Instinct to keep an eye on Ken Morgan, and wait for him to head to the garbage can on the other side of the wall between you and the hotel lobby. When he is knelt over the garbage can, puking, aim up at the window with your pistol, take note of the coconuts behind the glass, and shoot one down. It will land on his head and kill him.

Take Jordan Cross Out

The next step in this challenge is a bit more involved, and thus a bit trickier to pull off. Make sure you save often, to ensure you don’t miss out on any progress in case a mistake or error is made.

From the stairs, head back out into the hotel lobby, and then out the main door, veering right. Sneak behind the fence, and climb in the open window to trespass in an office. There is a clipboard nearby with a new opportunity that you’ll want to take advantage of. This will unlock the Bugman opportunity, which will alert you to the presence of a nearby exterminator. Time to locate the guy and steal his coveralls. Just follow the waypoint and wait for a clear chance to snag his goods.

Once you have the exterminator outfit head out to the back area of the hotel and grab a bottle of bug killer from the van. Be careful around the other exterminator, as he will see right through your disguise. With the bug killer in hand, head back into the hotel and talk to the hotel manager to get her to clear the master suite out. This will push Jordan Cross and his various crew members into the atrium.

Once they are in the atrium you have two options. Either A: continue with the Bugman opportunity, or B: line up a coconut and put Jordan Cross down. Either option you decide to take will complete the contract, and bring this mission to a close. Of course, there are always more ways than just what we have pointed out here, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find out what works best for you.

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