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Hitman: Episode 4 – Burying the Hatchet Assassination Challenge

by Prima Games Staff

This guide details how to complete the assassination challenge, Burying the Hatchet in Hitman: Episode 4. Agent 47 has arrived in Bangkok for the fourth episode of Square Enix’s reboot of the series. Tasked with infiltrating a prestigious hotel, Agent 47 must take down targets, Jordan Cross and Ken Morgan. This guide will walk players through all the needed steps to take down Ken Morgan and complete the Burying the Hatchet assassination challenge.

Track the Smoking Gun Opportunity

To track this particular challenge and get it underway, you’re going to want to locate and track the Smoking Gun opportunity. To do that you’ll want to launch your mission information screen, scroll to Opportunities, and then choose to track it.

Now that you know where you need to go, it’s time to get yourself a disguise that will get you there. For this mission we suggest grabbing a waiter outfit, which can be achieved very easily. Head into the hotel, taking a right into the restaurant area. From there make your way all the way to the end of the room, then turn left and head into the bathroom. Toss a coin into the bathroom, and hide behind the door. The waiter outside will walk in. Close the door behind him, subdue him, and then hide his body before taking his disguise.

Grab the Note

Using your newly acquired disguise, make your way up to the area marked on your screen. In this room you’ll find several crew members, who of which is carrying the note you need to complete this challenge. Wait for your target to head into the bathroom, then slip in behind him, shutting the door on your way in, and take him out. Grab the note, hide his body out of sight, and then head back down to the front desk.

Be wary of the manager and front desk attendant. Both can see through your disguise, and will compromise your outfit. Wait for them to clear the area, then walk up to the front desk and leave the note for Morgan. It will take a few minutes for him to approach, but when he does, wait for him to pick up the note and head to the Linen room in the basement.

Tail Morgan

All you have to do now is follow Ken Morgan all the way to the basement Linen Room, where you can take him out to complete this challenge. We suggest taking the bodyguard out somewhere along the way, just bump into him a few times to let Morgan get ahead and out of sight. Once the bodyguard is dealt with, make your way to the Linen Room, grab the Fire Axe from the wall, and then walk up and take out your target in one of the most brutal assassinations yet.

This will complete the Smoking Gun opportunity, as well as reward you for completion of the Burying the Hatchet assassination challenge, clearing your task list of one more item.

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