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Hitman 2 – Miami: The Finish Line – Silent Assassin, Suit Only

by Larryn Bell

Achieving Silent Assassin, Suit Only in each mission of Hitman 2 requires precision and a plan of action. For this guide, we will go over the steps for how to unlock Silent Assassin, Suit Only in Hitman 2’s second story mission, Miami: The Finish Line. Special thanks to MrFreeze2244 on YouTube for providing the helpful tutorial. 

Silent Assassin, Suit Only – Miami

Before you dive into the mission to attempt Silent Assassin, Suit Only on The Finish Line, you will want to bring along the Jaeger 7 sniper rifle, which is unlocked upon reaching Mastery Level 5 in the Miami mission. Select the Jaeger 7 as your smuggled item in the Bayside Center Car Park during the Planning phase prior to the mission. 

From the start of the mission, immediately go down the stairs to the left and continue up the stairs on the other side. Head right into the parking garage and locate the red van on the right. Grab your briefcase from the van, as this will contain your sniper rifle. 

Continue through the garage and swing around to the side of Parking Security. Interact with the fuse box on the wall to distract the guard inside. Once he leaves, enter the security room. 

Enter the door inside the security room to reach the camera room. Toss your briefcase at the sleeping guard to knock him out, then take out the security cameras on the right. Afterward, make sure to drag the unconscious guard’s body into the nearby locker to ensure his body isn’t found. Retrieve your briefcase and grab the guard’s weapon, then exit through the back door. 

Head back upstairs and turn right. Vault over the fence that reads Global Innovation Race. Take a right turn and sneak past the van, making sure not to get spotted by the two event workers. Go through the white door and continue up the series of stairs to reach Floor 1. Take cover behind the janitor’s cart and wait for the two guards to pass into the next room.

Target #1 – Robert Knox

Continue through the hallway to the right and enter Office 1B. Go past the firing range to the outside balcony. What you’re going to do is set out the guard’s gun to distract the target’s bodyguard when they pass through. Place the gun on the floor near the railing so that the target will find it when he walks through the area.

Wait around until the target, Robert Knox, leaves the firing range. This can take some time, so just be patient. Make sure to crouch and take cover before they appear. Eventually, the target and his bodyguard will come out and notice the gun on the ground. Wait for the bodyguard to leave, then push the target over the railing to eliminate the target with an accidental kill. 

Target #2 – Sierra Knox

With Robert Knox taken care of, your next task is to eliminate Sierra Knox. Go back down the stairs where you came from and pass through the restricted area to reach the outside, making sure not to get spotted by the workers from earlier. Leave through the door in the wall ahead of the van to return to the area outside the event.

Head to the right and locate the large blue and yellow Guardian sign. Go past the white door at the base of the walkway and go through the Employees Only fence on the back side instead. Grab the hammer nearby if you wish, then climb the stairs until you reach the walkway at the top. 

There are two event workers at the end of the walkway. Take out your sniper rifle from your briefcase, but don’t shoot just yet. Wait until one of the workers approaches you, then go up behind him to knock him out with a silent takedown. Afterward, drag and hide his body in the chest nearby. 

Do the same with the second worker as well. If you grabbed the hammer earlier, you can throw the hammer at the second guy to knock him out instead. This way, you won’t risk having him spot you as you sneak up for a stealth takedown. 

At this point, you should consider saving the game before continuing on, unless you feel extremely confident in your sniping skills in Hitman 2. Your goal is to shoot the red racecar as it comes barreling down the racetrack. Successfully shooting the car will cause the second target to be eliminated. 

With both targets taken out, you’re free to make your escape toward the exit. Return to the staircase and take cover behind the crates by the railing to avoid being seen by the guard that comes up to investigate. When the coast is clear, head outside and back to the front of the event area to complete the mission.

If you followed these steps, you should be able to accomplish the Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge for The Finish Line in Miami. Credit again goes to MrFreeze2244 for the walkthrough instructions. Make sure to check out our other Hitman 2 guides as well, especially if you still need to achieve Silent Assassin, Suit Only for Hawke’s Bay

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