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Hikari’s Best Learned Skills in Octopath Traveler 2

99,999 damage or bust

by Daphne Fama

One of the best things in Octopath Traveler 2 is that each of the travelers has the capability of becoming akin to mortal gods. But Hikari’s unique ability to learn attacks from those he defeats makes him uniquely powerful. So, here are Hikari’s best learned skills in Octopath Traveler 2.

Hikari’s Best Learned Skills in Octopath Traveler 2

Ochette might be able to kidnap monsters and bend them to her will, but Hikari has the unique ability to learn the skill of anyone he defeats. But some skills are simply better than others. Here are the ones you’ll want, especially if you’re thinking of doing the Extra Stories and optional end-game bosses.

Last Gasp

I can’t begin to articulate how often I’ve abused this move. It feels a little cheap to use it, as it trivializes most difficult bosses. That’s because if you have Hikari at 1 HP, he’s capable of dealing max damage. And because the SP cost is relatively low, you can use it repeatedly, assuming you can prevent Hikari from being killed.

  • Description: Last Gasp unleashes a powerful sword attack on a single foe. The lower your HP, the more potent the attack.
  • SP Cost: 30.
  • Location: Montwise entrance guard.

Limb from Limb

A controversial take in some circles, Limb from Limb is a physical attack that hits four times. This move is excellent for breaking shields, but it’s netted a spot on this list because, with the right setup, it’s capable of doing around 400k damage per round. Be sure to equip the Giant’s Club and/or the Battle-Tested Blade for extra potency.

  • Description: Limb from Limb unleashes a sword attack on a single foe four times.
  • SP Cost: 35.
  • Location: Sanctum Knight in Stormhail: Sacred Guard Headquarters.

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Sentencing Gavel

If you opt to make Hikari your Armsmaster, a skill you should pick up is Sentencing Gavel. This attack hits all enemies multiple times, which is useful when going against minions and in situations where you have a boss with a staff weakness.

Similar to Limb from Limb and Last Gasp, equipping Battle-Tested Blade and Giant’s Club is ideal, as their equipment effect increases physical potency.

  • Description: Unleashing a staff attack on all foes three times.
  • SP Cost: 60.
  • Location: The Judge outside of the courthouse in Timberain.

Shield Thief

If you want to break an enemy fast and aren’t leaning on Last Gasp to end things in the first round, Shield Thief is exceptionally powerful but costly. Essentially, this move breaks a single foe’s shields by 1 – 4, but used in combination with Sealticge’s Seduction with maximum boost, you can break multiple enemy shields at once.

As for its cost, that can be reduced by the Merchant support Skill, SP Saver, which will reduce the SP cost by 50%.

  • Description: Reduce the Shield Points of a single foe by 1/2/3/4 regardless of their weak points.
  • SP Cost: 80.
  • Location: The Thief at the entrance of Winterbloom: Thieves Quarter.

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