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Heroes of the Storm – Specialist Tips and Guide

by Bryan Dawson

Heroes of the Storm features four different classes of heroes. We already covered Assassin, Support and Warrior, so now it’s time to list tips for the fourth and final class, Specialist. Discussing the Specialist heroes is a little different than other classes because they don’t have one set function. How a Specialist plays varies from hero to hero, with many excelling at multiple functions and others having a very specific purpose on the team.

It’s important to take a close look at the Specialist hero you decided to play so you know what their main purpose is. For example, if you’re Azmodan, you should probably be soaking experience points (XP) in lanes throughout most of the match. You can still get in on team battles and perform well, but your main focus should be on clearing lanes and pushing toward the opposing team’s core. Knowing the abilities of your Specialist hero is the first step in learning how to play that hero. 

Team Composition

Specialist heroes can sometimes get flack from other players, especially in Hero League. Some Specialist heroes don’t go well with certain team compositions. For example, if your team runs with two Support class heroes, chances are you won’t have high damage output from your team. To help compensate for this, you’ll need to pick a Specialist who inflicts Assassin-like damage, or simply pick an Assassin. 

A Specialist such as Nazeebo can generally dish out quite a bit of damage and play almost like an Assassin. At the same time, Nazeebo can push lanes pretty well. However, when you compare Nazeebo to Azmodan, while both can dish out damage and push lanes, Azmodan can push multiple lanes at once and really bring down fortifications, while Nazeebo is a bit better in team fights, especially during the early to mid-game fights. 

If you need more damage output on your team, Nazeebo might be a better choice than Azmodan, but if damage isn’t an issue, Azmodan might be the better choice. You just need to communicate with your team when selecting a character and make sure your Specialist fits well with the other heroes on your team. 

Watch the Battlefield 

Most Specialist heroes can impact more than one lane at a time, or they can influence team members or opponents from across the map. While some Assassins and other heroes need to roam around and keep an eye on the map, it’s most important for a Specialist. An Assassin generally only has one job, to inflict as much damage as possible. As long as they’re doing that, even in the wrong lane, at least they’re still contributing damage. 

Going back to our Azmodan example, he can help push lanes anywhere on the battlefield. It’s important for Azmodan players to pay close attention to what’s going on throughout the battlefield so they know what they should be doing at any given time. If it’s time to head into the mines or collect a tribute, Azmodan can help in the team fight while buffing the minions in a lane on the other side of the map. This effectively allows him to push lanes while still helping his team with the map objective. 


Generally speaking, Specialist heroes almost have to be micromanaged. There’s a lot more for a Specialist to worry about compared to an Assassin or Warrior. As we already mentioned, they need to keep a close eye on the entire battlefield to make sure they’re maximizing their potential. At the same time, they need to look at the composition of the opposing team, see where they’re at on the map and  react accordingly. 

The Lost Vikings are a great example of a Specialist hero that requires a lot of micromanaging. If your team is in the mines, you can send one Viking in to help out, while the other three are soaking XP in the lanes above ground. When played correctly, Lost Vikings are very difficult for many teams to deal with. They can’t just rush into the mines or head directly to the tribute and fight it out. They have to get any team fights over quickly because the longer they drag out, the more XP the other two Vikings are earning. It doesn’t matter if you win the objective if you’re down two levels by the time the team fight concludes. 

As always, you can head over to Prima’s free Heroes of the Storm hub to learn more about the game, or head directly to our Specialist articles on Azmodan and Nazeebo.

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