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Heroes of the Storm – Battlefield of Eternity Tips

by Bryan Dawson

There’s something unique about every battlefield in Heroes of the Storm. The newest battlefield, Battlefield of Eternity is no different. As a two-lane battlefield, there’s more conflict here than some other battlefields in the game, but it’s not just the fact it has two lanes that causes the conflict. Two Immortals battle it out in the center of the battlefield and this acts as the main objective of the stage.

Battling Immortals

Shortly after the game starts and periodically from that point onward, two Immortals will descend in the middle of the battlefield. The objective here is to deplete the opposing Immortal’s health before the health of your Immortal is gone. Any remaining health your Immortal has when the enemy is defeated becomes a shield and gives your Immortal a bit more offensive power as they begin their onslaught on the enemy lane with the most fortifications remaining.

When the Immortals descend, most consider the best course of action to be defending your Immortal first. Each Immortal has an array of attacks to help defend themselves, but these attacks are easily avoided. If you can defend your Immortal, effectively killing off most (if not all) of the enemy team, you’re then free to inflict as much damage as you can to the opposing Immortal.

If the opposing team does not attack your Immortal, carefully engage the enemy Immortal. If the other team is defending, do your best to stay alive. If you perish, it will give the other team an unwanted advantage. If for some reason the other team is not defending, feel free to mount an assault on the opposing Immortal.

Lost Vikings, Azmodan and other heroes who can push lanes while still completing objectives work very well on this map. In the case of the Lost Vikings, you can have one assisting with Immortal defense while the other two are pushing each lane. This can be a huge advantage, especially during the first encounter when both teams are relatively low level. The extra experience points from the lanes can really help to increase your level and make this first objective win much easier.

When to Get Camps

Once an Immortal has claimed victory, they move to the top of bottom lane, whichever has the most enemy fortifications. During this time you can push the other lane while the opposing team deals with your Immortal, push with the Immortal, or go for camps. This is actually a great time to go for your enemy’s camps, but don’t over extend your team.

You can also opt to go for camps after your Immortal has been taken down. In the event your Immortal loses the conflict, finish off the enemy Immortal, defend yourselves against attacks from enemy heroes, then go for your own camps in the interim between Immortal battles.

When going for camps, focus on the Fallen Shaman camps first. The Shaman summons two Hounds to help him in battle. Unlike most other Merc camps, the Shaman must be defeated in order to clear away the Hounds. Once unleashed, if the opposing team takes down the Hounds first, the Shaman will simply summon more Hounds and continue fighting.

Be sure to check out our tips on the other battlegrounds in Heroes of the Storm and the new hero, The Butcher! Stay tuned to Prima Games as we offer more insight into Heroes of the Storm with each new hero and battleground added to the game.

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