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How to Find Butchers in Diablo IV

Is fighting him really worth the Cleaver?

by Daphne Fama

The latest installment of Diablo IV has no shortage of things that want to leave you in a pull of blood and viscera. And the Butcher is one of the toughest spawns out there, coming in with a huge health pool and a vicious arsenal attacks. While instinct might tell you to run, Butchers are one of the enemies you should be trying to farm.

How to Find Butchers in Diablo IV

Diablo IV offers an expansive world with no shortage of enemies, side quests, and dungeons to explore. But as someone cursed with Lilith’s blood, you have a great burden on your shoulders. And the only way to survive is to outfit yourself with the best equipment possible.

Most of that equipment will come through random drops, bosses, or the shop when it’s feeling like stocking something half-decent. But one of the best sources for red/mythical loot that isn’t the terrifying world boss is Butchers.

But… how do you actually find one?

The answer is luck. Butchers appear most frequently in Dungeons, where they are denoted on your map as white gate icons. These dungeons scale to your level and will reward you Aspects for various classes. But most importantly, it’s where a Butcher will randomly spawn.

Once a Butcher spawns, you’ll have a limited time to defeat him. Failure to do so within the time limit, or if you die, will cause the Butcher to despawn into a pool of blood. Defeat him, though, and he’ll drop rare loot and his Cleaver, a one-hand unique Axe (slashing) called The Butcher’s Cleaver. How apt.

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The Butcher can spawn anywhere in the Dungeon, where he’ll shout his tagline, “Fresh meat!” and then he’ll start chasing you. If you don’t feel like fighting him, your best bet might be to try to leave the dungeon or wait out his timer, as he’s very persistent and very strong. Hardcore players, beware.

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