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Havoc Rifle Loadout Guide for Apex Legends

by Prima Games Staff

Apex Legends has added its first new weapon to the game since release, and it’s certainly an unusual one. The Havoc is ostensibly an assault rifle, but that doesn’t mean it behaves in the manner you might expect. The most customizable weapon in the game right now, knowing how to use it well is a rare thing. To that end we’ve made this guide to help you know how to make the most of the Havoc rifle in Apex Legends.

Havoc Rifle Loadout Guide

Before we dive into the recommended setups for the Havoc, here are the full statistics and possible attachments for the weapon.

Havoc Rifle Details

  • Ammo: Energy
  • Magazine size: 25 (Single Shot uses 5 ammo per shot)
  • Firing Modes: Full Auto or Single Shot (requires Select Fire Receiver)
  • Optics 1x up to 2-4x ACOG (no Digital Threat or Sniper optics)
  • Attachments: Stock, Select Fire Receiver Hop-up, Turbocharger Hop-up
  • Full Auto Damage: Body – 18, Head – 40
  • Single Shot Damage: Body – 36, Head – 80

By default, the Havoc has a spin up time before it begins firing at full speed, similar to the Devotion LMG. As with the Devotion, this can be removed by equipping the Turbocharger Hop-up. Because the Havoc uses Energy ammo, you’ll also have a much harder time keeping it well stocked than the other ARs. If you’re lucky enough to find plenty of ammo and attachments for it, you’ll need to decide between its single shot and full auto modes.

Should You Use Full Auto or Single Shot?

The Havoc Rifle is the only weapon in the game which can equip two different Hop-ups, though only one can be used at a time. The Turbocharger removes the spin up time on the rifle, granting it the highest DPS in the AR class as soon as you hit the trigger. The Select Fire Receiver adds a single shot fire mode in which the Havoc charges up and fires a hitscan beam for higher damage.

By and large you’ll be at the mercy of which attachments you find during a game, but if you’re lucky enough to find both then we’d recommend the Turbocharger for most engagements. The Havoc loses out to most rifles thanks to its wind up time and heavy bullet drop. By equipping the Turbocharger you remove its biggest weakness, turning it into a monster up close or at medium distances.

The single shot mode, while useful as a hitscan weapon, simply doesn’t deal enough damage to put it in contention with Apex’s snipers. While it’s fun to fire at range, you’re better off with a Longbow or Triple Take when engaging from afar. That said, if you want to try out both modes we can help you out with some suggested loadouts below.

Recommended Full Auto Loadout

  • 1x-2x ACOG or 2x-4x ACOG
  • Assault Stock
  • Turbocharger Hop-Up

The real key to success with the Havoc is obtaining that Turbocharger. Unfortunately it’s a really rare piece of kit. To that end we suggest stowing the Havoc as a secondary weapon until you find the parts needed, making use of another AR as your primary choice until it’s kitted out.

Recommended Single Shot Loadout

  • 3x Ranger ACOG or 2x-4x ACOG
  • Assault Stock
  • Select Fire Receiver Hop-Up

In single shot mode the Havoc is the only hitscan weapon in game. This means that it fires in a straight beam without any bullet travel time or drop. When you’re used to leading targets over range, this can be tricky to adjust to. You need to aim directly at your target while using single shot. There is a charge up time on the shot however, which make it tricky to keep headshots lined up. 

Don’t forget that if you miss and an enemy is heading your way, you can swap back to full auto mode with a single press of the firing mode button. Avoid using single shot at close range due to the slow fire rate and DPS.

Should You Use the Havoc?

The Havoc is one of the hardest weapons in Apex Legends to use well, but with the right attachments it can turn into a monster. With the Turbocharger equipped the Havoc has the highest DPS of all the ARs, but you may struggle to find enough ammo or the right attachments. Overall, we’d still recommend the R-301 over the Havoc as it performs nearly as well without half the fuss required to set it up properly.

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