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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Plot

by Prima Games Staff

Before jumping into Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, many people have been wondering about the plot of the new mobile game. Fans of the series are wondering if the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery plot follows the events of the books, offers something new, or doesn’t fit anywhere in the Harry Potter lore books. Look no further as this article covers the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery plot so you can find out exactly what you’re getting into before you play the game.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Plot

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players meet Rowan Khanna in Diagon Alley. Khanna is a young witch or wizard who teaches the player about the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter. Players then have a conversation with Ollivander talking about the player’s brother, Jacob, who was recently expelled from Hogwarts. His expulsion was due to an attempt to open the Cursed Vaults, which is a hidden vault that’s rumored to have once existed at the school.

The player then heads to Hogwarts where a bulk of the plot takes place. Albus Dumbledore makes an announcement that Harry Potter is safe. The events that take place during the game are set in the year of Harry’s escape from Voldemort, when he was just a young child.

Once the player is sorted into a house, the normal daily life in Hogwarts begins. It’s at this point that your character is docked 10 House Points during a Potions lesson (with Professor Snape). This occurs after a Slytherin, known as Merula, sabotages the cauldron. Soon after, a fake letter is sent to the House, which was supposedly written by Professor Snape. The letter details that an errand run would win the player back their recently lost House Points.

It is eventually discovered that the letter was actually written by Merula, which leads you into a room with a Devil’s Snare. It’s at this point that the player attempts to learn how to duel (following a battle with Merula), by searching for a book on dueling. During this search, your character hears voices and sees premonitions of the Cursed Vaults.

Rowan Khanna then teaches your character the spell Rictusempra. You also learn the spells Expelliarmus and Wingardium Leviosa from Professor Flitwick. After awhile, the you encounter Merula as she harasses a first-year Muggle-born Gryffindor boy named Ben. The duel is interrupted and comes to an end when Snape and Flitwick find across the battle.

After the battle your character is reprimanded by Snape, and you lose more House Points. You then take on a slew of side quests as you try to win back those lost House Points. One such side quest is helping Ben learn how to fly. As you play through the game, you continue learning new spells and potions, some of which include Flipendo, Nox and Alohomora.

During this time you will also continues to increase your dueling skill, as you practice dueling with Ben Copper and their House Prefect. You and Merula overhear Argus Filch and Snape talking about the Cursed Vaults, which leads you to an attempt at investigating. Unfortunately, you’re caught by Mrs. Norris (the cat).

After being caught, you need to come up with a plan to give Mrs. Norris a sleeping draught so you can continue to investigate the vaults. You enlist the help of a Hufflepuff first year student, Penny Haywood, who happens to specialize in potion making. You make it into the corridor, but Merula stops your progress, continues through the door first, and is eventually trapped by enchanted ice. You then destroy the ice to help everyone escape.

Soon after you’re summoned by Professor Dumbledore, who reprimands you for breaking school rules, but in typical Dumbledore fashion, follows up by congratulating you on your bravery. He awards you with 100 House Points, which essentially guarantees a House Cup victory. This ends your first year at Hogwarts, and you promise Rowan to do additional research on the Cursed Vaults over the summer.

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