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Halo Wars 2 – How to Build the Best Blitz Deck for Your Playstyle

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re playing Halo Wars 2’s new game mode, Blitz, you’re going to want to make sure you have a strong deck to take on your opponents with. Depending on your specific playstyle, you may find that one deck doesn’t work as well for you as another. In this article we’ll discuss how to build the best Blitz decks in Halo Wars 2 and offer some recommendations to help you find the perfect Blitz deck for your playstyle.

Becoming a better Blitz player is all about building a deck that caters to your strengths as a player. Some players will do better with more balanced decks, whereas others will find themselves succeeding more when they focus on map control. We’ve put together a few recommended decks below, which you can use as a baseline to start building a deck that suits your playstyle perfectly.

Some of the cards listed below will not be unlocked by default, you can easily fill these spots in with other cards you currently have to see how it affects the deck in battle. While you can use these decks and never experiment outside of the cards listed, we highly suggest tweaking the following decks to include your own choices. This will allow you to become a much more versatile Blitz player.

Deck 1 – Map Control

The first deck we want to cover deals with map control. This deck focuses around controlling the various points on the map and keeping the enemy in check. Inside you’ll find damaging Powers, heavy units, and a mix of fast moving and durable units to help reinforce your army.

Leader: Isabel

Starting Army: Heavy Weapons

Recommended Cards:

  • Marines
  • Wolverine
  • Nightingale
  • Shrapnel Mines
  • Sniper
  • Hornet
  • Armored Warthog
  • Kodiak
  • Lockdown Scorpion
  • Mac Blast
  • Jackrabbit
  • Cyclops

Deck 2 –Attack

The next deck we want to take a look at prioritizes the offensive over everything else. Your main deck will focus on low energy costs that allow you to line up attacks quickly and effortlessly.

Leader: Shipmaster

Starting Army: Assassin

Recommended Cards:

  • Elite Rangers
  • Hunters
  • Engineer
  • Banshee
  • Reaver
  • Ghost
  • Marauder
  • Blisterback
  • Teleport
  • Unstable Banshee
  • Spirit Assault
  • Suicide Grunts

Deck 3 – Disruption

The third deck in our list will include cards that allow you to hinder our enemy’s movement and use area-of-effect attacks against your foe. This deck does revolve around Banished units, though, so it may take a while to unlock all of these cards.

Leader: Decimus

Starting Army: Vampire

Recommended Cards:

  • Elite Rangers
  • Engineer
  • Hunters
  • Chopper
  • Warlord
  • Blisterback
  • Vortex
  • Marauder
  • Banshee
  • Blast Hammer
  • Ironclad Wraith
  • Suicide Grunts

These are just three of the various decks that players can build and maintain within Halo Wars 2’s Blitz mode. As the game evolves throughout the coming months these lists may change, with different cards taking the place of those seen in this article. For now, though, these three decks offer a great way for players to see some of the different ways that each deck type can be used to cater to specific playstyles.

Remember that building a new deck is all about determining how you want to use that specific deck in Blitz. If you want a deck that offers plenty of armor, you’ll want to load your deck with cards like the Skorpion, Hornet, and others. Those wanting a deck that can overrun their enemies will want to focus on a deck with low-energy costs, which will allow them to play more units on the field at once.

You can return to our Halo Wars 2 guide for more articles like this, or if you’re having a hard time getting into Blitz take a look at our guide on how to play and understand Blitz.

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