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Hades | Companions List and Abilities Guide

by Lucas White

We’ve already covered Keepsakes, the first way Hades rewards players for building relationships and giving out Nectar. But there’s another tier of Keepsake that exists separately from the normal ones, that you can only get after some real investment. These are called Legendary Keepsakes, better known as Companions. These cutesy critters are summons that you receive by giving certain characters a more rare gift item called Ambrosia. Their use is restricted, but each one can be quite powerful in a pinch.

Hades Companions Guide

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At the moment there are six obtainable Companions in Hades. After the initial Ambrosia cost, each Companion can be upgraded additional times with more Ambrosia, ultimately costing 10 additional gifts. This upgrade increases the maximum number of times you can summon your Companion in a run, from one to a maximum of five. Regardless of your max, you can only summon once in an Encounter. Each Companion has a specific effect, and certain conditions that restrict their use. Here’s the full list below, along with what their abilities are and which character you receive them from.


Battie (Megaera)

Battie does 2500 damage, multiple times to enemies in front of you. Cannot be used against the Furies or the Final Boss. 

Mort (Thanatos)

After an activation delay, Mort will do 3000 damage in a front-facing area of effect. You can’t use Mort when you’re competing against Thanatos, nor on the Final Boss.

Rib (Skelly)

Rib acts as a decoy, drawing enemy attention away from you briefly. Cannot be used against Charon.

Shady (Sisyphus)

Does 1000 damage in an area of effect, and spawns 5-6 10 HP healing items, 25 Darkness, and 2-3 money drops with 30 Obols each. No special restrictions. 

Fidi (Dusa)

Fires shots that cause petrification and 70 damage for 15 seconds. Cannot be used against the Final Boss.

Antos (Achilles)

Deals 1500 damage to two different enemies. Cannot be used against the Final Boss.

As you can see, Companions aren’t that useful against the last boss of the game. But otherwise if you need to do a ton of damage super fast-like, or in one case need some clinch healing, Companions may be your best bet.

Do you have a favorite Companion to use in Hades? Or do you simply take one with you because you like their look the best? Still trying to unlock one at all or in particular? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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