Gurdurr Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Curious about the process of Gurdurr evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Well, now you too can get acquainted with this line of uh, incredibly buff, weasel-lifters.
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Trying to get your team in Pokemon Sword and Shield all evolved up in time for the DLC that’s going to drop in June 2020? Yes, we’re definitely talking about Isle of Armor. Well, whatever the reasons for you needing to flesh out your team, we’re definitely not judging your motivations. If you need to get a super buff once-small mammal onto your team, then we can help you, specifically with the process of Gurdurr evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Gurdurr Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield

So, you’re curious about how Gurdurr evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield works? Well, probably you and every biologist with even a rudimentary understanding of small mammals and how their muscles work. For those who aren’t quite that acquainted with the evolutionary line that Gurdurr comes from, we’ll break things down for you. Gurdurr is the second evolution in a line of three – Timburr, Gurdurr, and then Conkeldurr. We don’t know why they’re called that, and we can’t explain it, so please don’t ask us to. However, you might be curious as to how a Gurdurr turns into a Conkeldurr. It’s probably why you even clicked on this guide in the first place. 

Well, how does a Gurdurr evolve? Luckily for you, there are absolutely no shenanigans. We were a bit worried and thought that it might be super unlike the classic Machoke and Machomp debacle even though the two of them bear a truly terrifying amount of anatomical similarities, but no! No need for funny items like the Tart Apple either – we’ll save those for the much sweeter Applin (and we have a guide on how to get a Tart Apple if that’s what you desire). No, all you have to do in order to evolve your Gurdurr as you might have already guessed from the Machoke reference is to just trade it with another player and boom. It’ll evolve during the process, nothing else to it. 

Now that you’ve got a little bit more information about Gurdurr evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it should be a little bit easier for you to puzzle out how that whole evolutionary tree works even if you don’t have a whole lot more help from us. Need a hand with anything else in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Why not check out the tips and tricks that we’ve put together for aspiring Trainers like you in our dedicated guides hub for the game?

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