Guilty Gear Strive Bridget Command List & Buttons

Come learn how to play Bridget.

Bridget is a balance character that uses yo-yos to keep her opponents at bay from a distance. If you’re looking to master this character, you’ll need to be comfortable using all of the tools at your disposal, of which Bridget has quite a few. Here is the Guilty Gear Strive Bridget command lists and buttons.

Guilty Gear Strive Bridget Command List & Buttons

First up are Bridget’s command normals, which are basic attacks using a directional button. These will change up your standard attacks and change properties like moving forward or backward while attacking.

Let’s start with the basic inputs that are universal:

  • Kick: X
  • Punch: Square
  • Slash: Triangle
  • Heavy Slash: Circle
  • Dust: R1


  • Command Normal 1: Forward Punch.
  • Command Normal 2: Forward Kick.
  • Command Normal 3: Forward Heavy Slash.
  • Command Normal 4: Slash after Far Standing Slash or Crouching Slash.
  • Command Normal 5: Heavy Slash after Standing Heavy Slash or Crouching Heavy Slash.

Special Attacks

  • Stop and Dash: Quarter Circle forward or back plus Slash or Heavy Slash.
    • Forward Circle deals damage while moving forward.
    • Back Circle deals damage on the way back to Bridget.
    • Slash sends Yo-Yo directly in front.
    • Heavy Slash sends Yo-Yo diagonally.
  • Rolling Movement: Quarter Circle back plus Kick (can only be done when yo-yo is sent out using Stop and Dash.)
  • Starship: Foward down forward Punch (cannot be Roman Cancelled on whiff.)
  • Kick Start My Heart: Quarter Circle Forward Kick.
    • Follow up with Punch to brake and deal a small poke.
    • Follow up with Kick to shoot forward and knock opponents on hit.
  • Roger Dive: Quarter Circle Kick (Mid-Air) to dive and do a two-hit attack
  • Rock the Baby: Half Circle back Punch (Air-OK) to do a damaging command grab. Holding while in air delays timing.

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  • Loop the Loop: Half Circle back forward + Slash (fast startup.)
  • Return of the Killing Machine: Half Circle back forward + Heavy Slash (Air OK) launches a powerful projectile that tracks towards opponents.

Those are all of Bridget’s moves in Guilty Gear Strive. There is plenty to learn and master with this character, so it’s time to start. Be sure to check out the previous DLC character Testament too.

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