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Guilty Gear Strive Ends Season One With Testament

A big win for the non-binary murderdemon community

by Lucas White

Over the weekend, Arc System Works revealed the final new character for Guilty Gear Strive’s first season. Testament, a classic part of the Guilty Gear canon who we haven’t seen since Guilty Gear XX. With this new playable iteration of Testament comes a brand new design, one that leans heavily on the character’s gender ambiguity. They also seem to be really into tea now.

Dubbed “The Elegant Grim Reaper,” Testament seems to have abandoned their previous heavy metal goth demon vibe for a pseudo victorian heavy metal goth demon vibe. Otherwise, fans will be familiar with Testament’s shape-shifting scythe and little fairy companions, who also do shape shifting and weird blood stuff. It’s Guilty Gear, folks.

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Testament will be available for Season Pass holders on March 28, 2022. Then, they’ll be available for individual purchasing a few days later on March 31. Season Pass additions also include a new “White House Reborn” stage, which kinda rules in a Metal Wolf Chaos sort of way.

This concludes the first Season Pass, but ArcSys is already starting to hype up Season Two. There was quite a variety among the five fighters added so far, so who knows what could happen next? Guilty Gear will always throw folks for a loop, even with returning cast members.