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Greedfall Ruby Guide: Where to Find & How to Use Rubies

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been enraptured with Greedfall, the latest RPG from Spiders, then you’ll likely be clamoring for things to do in its captivating in-game world. It’s not all just about combat and romance; there’s a healthy crafting and upgrade system in the game which we definitely recommend taking advantage of to make your time in Teer Fradee a successful one. Check out our Greedfall Ruby guide on how to find this valuable crafting material and what it can be used for.

Greedfall Ruby Guide: Where to Find Rubies

As with any valuable or semi-valuable material in Greedfall, you can obtain Rubies through the simple act of putting something to death by sword and then looting its corpse. Obviously, this is far from a guaranteed way to get these rocks, but it’s a way. If you’re looking for something a little more reliable, then we would recommend visiting two vendors in the game who are confirmed to always have a stock of Rubies on hand. While this material can be decently expensive, retailing for as much as 100 per pop, these vendors are:

  • The Blacksmith in New Serene
  • The Alchemist in Hikmet

Greedfall Ruby Guide: How to Use Rubies

In Greedfall, crafting is something that you can only undertake if you’ve skilled yourself up in Science. If you’ve decided that this life isn’t for you, then I would recommend turning away now. There’s plenty of other ways to get good gear in the game; check out our guide on the Greedfall Warrior King armor as an example.

However, if you have the necessary Science proficiency and a workbench, then you’ll definitely be able to make use of Rubies that you find in crafting. At this stage, we know that you can upgrade your armor using Rubies as an essential component: this rare stone is used in the upgrades for torso armor which improve your Vigor or Science statistics. As we discover more uses for Rubies, we’ll add to this list. We’re sure that it’ll come in handy in some sort of alchemical blend, though we’ll need more time with the game to figure that out.

Now that you have our Greedfall Ruby guide in hand, you can slowly start to master the art of putting together good gear. Need a hand with a slightly more esoteric aspect of Greedfall? Why not take a peek at our guide to romancing the seafaring Vasco, if sailors take your fancy?


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