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Greedfall Kurt Romance Guide – How to Romance Kurt

by Ginny Woo


If you’re someone who fancies those with a mercenary bent in Greedfall, then Kurt is going to be the companion for you. Like a bit of danger? Like a bit of coin? Does someone being aloof and cynical tick all of your compatibility boxes?

We’re not going to judge, though you might want to see someone about that. In the absence of interrogating your romantic preferences, we present you with our Greedfall Kurt romance guide to help you hunt down this dashing suitor.

Greedfall Kurt Romance Guide – How to Romance Kurt

Before you get too enamored with this particular mercenary, you probably want to know a little bit more about Kurt. Does he like long walks on the beach? Does he like to drink? Reckon he’s more pumpkin spice latte or a whiskey on the rocks?

Unfortunately, Greedfall doesn’t really give you answers to any of those questions, but what we can tell you is that Kurt is heterosexual. This means that unless you’re playing De Sardet as a woman, you’ll have to appreciate him from five feet away.

This member of the Coin Guard is almost ridiculously jaded, but underneath that chilly exterior is, well… a heart that’s equally chilly because of the stuff that he’s been through but regardless, he’s a man of honor and he takes that moniker very seriously.

Just because he’s a mercenary doesn’t mean that he’s devoid of responsibility or ethics! You could be the special someone to help him re-orient his moral compass. If you’re that lucky lady, then you’ll get an increase in Craftsmanship from wooing him.

Here’s the full list of romance quests that you need to complete for Kurt if you want to take first place in the battle for his heart and his coin purse. Obviously, mild spoilers lie ahead, so please be careful before you cast your eye over this list.

Missing in Action

Strike up a conversation at the palace in New Serene with ol’ mate Constantin and you’ll be able to unlock this quest at the culmination of said conversation. Make sure that you pick the dialogue option “Tell him that it was so that you could understand him better.”

Amongst the Ghosts

Once you’ve finished Missing in Action, this next quest should become available. Make sure that you pick the dialogue option coded “Tell him about a childhood memory with Constantin.”

Settling Scores

You can only accept this quest after the coup occurs in the game, and if Kurt survives it. This should be a given if you’ve successfully completed his initial quests. Ensure that you pick the dialogue option coded “Tell him you hope you will be a part of it.”

This should be all it takes to seal the deal, and speaking to Kurt once more after this will give you the Guardian of Love achievement and allow you to whisk him off for an afternoon delight.

Now that you have our Greedfall Kurt romance guide to tell you what’s what in the mercenary-romancing world, getting him to put a ring on it should be easy. If you fancy someone a little less buttoned-up, why don’t you check out our Greedfall Aphra romance guide?