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Greedfall Warrior King Armor Guide – Where to Find Warrior King Set

by Ginny Woo

All tuckered out from taking on foes in the Arena? Wanting a bit of a break from sailing the high seas with your love interest? Don’t worry, a RPG like Greedfall has a ton of things for you to do. Those who fancy themselves completionists will be pleased to note that collecting flash armor and weapons is a worthy way to spend your time in this game. Check out our Greedfall Warrior King armor guide to find this rare set. 

Greedfall Warrior King Armor Guide – Where to Find Warrior King Set

If you’re after the Warrior King armor in Greedfall, then you’re going to have to piece it together. The whole set is split into different locations, which means that just picking up a couple here and there aren’t going to be enough to satisfy a true collector. 

Greedfall Warrior King armor – boots and gauntlet

To find the Warrior King boots and gauntlet parts of the armor set, you won’t actually have to look that far. You can knock this out fairly early on in the game if you know who to talk to and if you’re observant. What you’re going to want to do is to pick up Aphra’s quest Islander Knowledge.

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Once you’ve got Aphra’s quest, stick close to Duncas as you traverse the wilderness. Once you hit a ledge that has you moving towards, hang right and go straight down the trail that you find. You’ll happen across the boots and the gauntlet. To make things easy geography-wise, this location is west of Duncas’ clan in Vedrad. 

Greedfall Warrior King armor – chest and head

Now to find the other two pieces of this rare armor lying about. Once you hit Steiger Falag, hang right as well until you bump into a Guardian. Make quick work of it and look past its corpse to see an altar. There will be a chest situated conveniently here, which contains the Warrior King head piece and chest armor. Voila! Consider your collecting needs properly furnished. 

Now that you’ve got our Greedfall Warrior King armor guide in hand, piecing together this set should take you no time at all once you hit the respective quest and location milestones in the game. If you’re needing a hand with how to get ahead in the Arena, we’ve got a guide for that too.