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Greedfall New Cog Guide: Mystery of the Ancient Ruins Quest Item

by Ginny Woo

Been tasked with solving the Mystery of the Ancient Ruins by Lady Morange in Greedfall but not sure how to actually go about all of this nonsense? We’ve got answers for you, especially when it comes to making sure that you’ve got a key item on hand to actually progress this particular quest. Our Greedfall New Cog guide will definitely come in handy if you’re wanting to pursue this particular sojourn. 

Greedfall New Cog Guide: Mystery of the Ancient Ruins Quest Item

Mystery of the Ancient Ruins is a quest that’s going to be impossible for you to miss. You pick it up from Lady Morange, who kicks around New Serene usually and is going to be showing up a fair amount throughout the rest of the story. She’ll tell you something about some ancient ruins which will intrigue, and you’ll be left with the busywork of actually following through on any investigation. Part of progressing this will require that you possess a new cog.

You’ll need this Greedfall new cog in order to open a gate partway through the quest. Said ancient ruins will be forever locked away from you if you don’t possess it, so here are some tips on how to actually get your mitts on one of these new cogs. 

Crafting a Greedfall new cog

This item is actually craftable. You’ll conveniently have access to a workbench inside the nearby mine that you’ll have traversed in order to get to the ruins in the first place, so this is an option if you’ve already been able to amass the following materials and have Craftsmanship level 1:

  • Pure Iron Ore
  • Damaged Cog
  • Crude Iron Ore

Buying a Greedfall new cog

An easier option that requires a lot less effort is, well, buying a new cog. You’ll be able to pick one up from a merchant that you bumped into on the way up to the ruins. He’s loitering now too far from the entrance of the mines that we talked about, and you’ll be able to buy this new cog from the special Quest Items portion of his inventory of wares. This will set you back by 50 gold. 

Once you’re in possession of this Greedfall new cog, regardless of the means that you used to obtain it, saunter right up to that broken gate and use the item to ensure that your way to the ruins is clear so that you can continue on with this important quest. Need a hand with more crafting-specific queries? Check out our Greedfall Ruby guide on how to find this useful material.

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