Greedfall Heal All the Survivors Guide: Battle of the Red Spears Walkthrough

Need a hand with the Battle of the Red Spears? Our Greedfall Heal All the Survivors guide will help you with that pesky part of the quest.
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If you’ve been trekking along in Greedfall and dishing out your own special brand of politicking and warfare as De Sardet, then you’ll be well-experienced with navigating the tension between the RPG’s various factions and their demands. One such culmination of these tensions is the conflict between the native population of Teer Fradee and the Bridge Alliance in the quest The Battle of the Red Spears. Check out our Greedfall Heal All the Survivors guide and our quest walkthrough so you can get the outcome that you want.

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Greedfall Heal All the Survivors Guide: Battle of the Red Spears Walkthrough

First of all, let’s start with what you need to have prepped when you hit this part of the story. Obviously, there’s going to be spoilers here, so turn away if you’re not up to this yet or if any of the names sound unfamiliar. 

This quest is part of the main sequence called A Cure for Malichor. In it, you’ll have to go to Vedrhais and chat to someone called Bladnid at the nearby waypoint. At this stage, we would recommend that you’ve got some health potions kicking around: enough to cover both yourself and a couple extra. Two would be our minimum recommendation, but as always, we reckon it’s better to be safe rather than sorry in Greedfall. 

Once you’ve headed with Bladnid in the direction that the UI is prodding you, you’ll encounter Siora. There’s gonna be a heated argument here, where she thinks taking one path is better than the path that you’re intending to take. Here’s a breakdown of the two options

Battle of the Red Spears – Siora’s Path

Siora’s path is basically packed full of monsters, but that shouldn’t be a huge problem for you considering your combat proficiency at this stage of the game. You’ll run into Eseld on this path, and have to pass a Charisma check to progress certain events. The Charisma check here is more lenient, and you also won’t lose any reputation with Siora. 

Battle of the Red Spears – De Sardet’s Path

Your path is the path of least combat resistance, which is good in its own way. However, you’ll lose 1 reputation with Siora. A whole bunch of people will also die needlessly, so that’s something to consider as well. You have a Charisma check with Eseld, though as we said, it’s harder on this path. We would recommend picking the path that Siora recommends. I mean, after all, these are really her lands so she’s bound to have had a better handle on where not to tread compared to the relatively new arrival of De Sardet.

Greedfall Heal All the Survivors Guide: Using Potions and Finishing the Quest

Once you’ve bounded down the path of your choosing (we won’t judge you for sticking to your guns and picking your own), the general outcome besides the reputation differences will be largely the same. You’ll be given a task to Heal All the Survivors, which is something that you’re going to have to use health potions to do. This is exactly why we told you to bring a decent supply along to this mission. Once you heal all the survivors, you’ll benefit from +2 reputation with Siora’s faction before the game pushes you on to the next waypoint and the culmination of the Battle of the Red Spears quest. Finishing everything up will give you +3 reputation with Siora’s faction and 1,400 EXP.

Now that you’ve got our Greedfall Heal All the Survivors guide to hand, finishing up the Battle fo the Red Spears questline should be a piece of cake. Need a hand with something else in-game? Check out our Greedfall Ruby guide to learn how to perfect your crafting with this material.

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