Gotham Knights Heroic Assault Patch Notes: New Stuff! Also Robin Nerfs?

Can an assault really be considered heroic though

Apparently even in co-op games, characters can be overpowered. Gotham Knights got a big update today, delivering the post-launch game mode meant to challenge teams of up to four players! Heroic Assault debuted today, sending players down 30 floors of brawling with the Batman Family. The game also got some adjustments, including some interesting balance changes on top of normal things like bugfixing.

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Gotham Knights Heroic Assault Patch Notes

Heroic Assault is a new feature that finally adds four player co-op to Gotham Knights. Previously the game was only two players, because of how intensive the seamless co-op open world thing is. This is more of a standalone experience, which players can access from North Gotham (or the main menu for repeat visits). In addition to the expanded co-op, players tackling Heroic Assault can earn brand new gear and suit transmogs.

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Showdown has also been added to Gotham Knights, which let players take on boss fight rematches with significant difficulty bumps. There are new gear and suit transmogs to be earned in this mode as well, which can be attempted by one or two players.

This patch also introduces balancing changes, altering things like gear stats, difficulty numbers and various ability effects. Throwing, for example, now does increased damage and induces stun. A bunch of Robin’s bespoke abilities have been adjusted, mostly to humble the kid down a bit since he was a little too good. But he got a couple tradeoffs, such as an added Guard Break effect on his Bo Swing.

Other random bug fixes and tweaks have been applied to Hotham Knights as well, something that the developers at WB Games Montreal have been doing since the game launched earlier this year. You can check out the official patch notes for those more minute details.

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