Treasure Maps are great items to find and solve in God of War, as successfully solving them all will reward you with some nice bounties for your time. Today we’ll show you how to find The Last Place They’d Look Treasure Map, as well as how to solve this Treasure Map without bashing your head into your desk too much.

The Last Place They’d Look Treasure Map Location

The Last Place They’d Look Treasure Map is one of the trickier ones to solve in God of War. You’ll need to head up to The Mountain to find it. Make your way close to the Summit—where you first meet Mimir—and then head up the path towards the cave that leads upwards.

Don’t go into the cave, though. Instead, look to the left along the cliff for an area that you can drop down and climb down. Drop over the edge and climb down to reach another ledge with yet another dropdown.

Climb all the way to the bottom ledge and look out for a set of two wooden doors leading into The Mountain. Head inside ad follow the path down, taking the wall ledge, and then keep going until you reach the room with the wooden scaffolding.

Head under the scaffolding and into the back left-hand corner of the area. Here you’ll find another tunnel. Follow it down under the low-hanging ceiling and then keep going until you spot the map in the middle of the path. Chances are you might have already nabbed this one during one of the main story missions.

The Last Place They’d Look Treasure Map Solution

To solve this Treasure Map, you’re going to need to find a cliffside with a face carved into it, with several waterfalls nearby. Head back to Midgard—to the travel room—and then make your way north to the Council of Valkyries.

Once you arrive at the Council of Valkyries, head into the actual council area and you should spot the face in the cliffside, as well as the various waterfalls flowing down from it.

Jump across the small gap in the path and continue downward into the council area. You should spot several throne-like seats around the circle. Look to your left, and then make your way around the circle until you spot the small pile of dirt that you can interact with. Press Circle to dig up the treasure and obtain the following items: 1 Legendary Enchantment, 1 Unstable Ore, 5 Hardened Svartalfheim Steel, and 10,000 Hacksilver.

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