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God of War – How to Get Hacksilver Fast

by Larryn Bell

Like many other games, God of War has its own in-game currency called Hacksilver. Players can spend Hacksilver to purchase new gear, equipment, and weapon upgrades. Hacksilver is also used to craft armor as well. While Hacksilver may not be all that hard to find, knowing how to efficiently collect Hacksilver doesn’t hurt. The more Hacksilver you have, the more you can upgrade your equipment and gear in God of War. This guide will explain how to get Hacksilver fast in God of War so that you have plenty to spend when the time comes.

God of War how to earn Hacksilver fast

How to Get Hacksilver Fast

There are several ways to earn Hacksilver in God of War. Follow the tips below to learn how to quickly earn Hacksilver while exploring the world as Kratos. Every little bit adds up, so be sure to collect Hacksilver whenever you find it.

Loot Thoroughly

A good amount of Hacksilver can be found while exploring in God of War. Players can accumulate Hacksilver by smashing overhead pots or looting chests during their journey. It’s usually in small increments at a time, but every little portion of Hacksilver adds up. 

Scour each new area for chests or other objects containing Hacksilver, and be sure to pick up all the loot dropped from a boss after a boss fight. When it comes time to purchase upgrades or equipment, you’ll be glad you were so thorough with your looting.

God of War Sindri how to earn Hacksilver fast

Sell Artifacts

Another way to earn lots of Hacksilver fast is by selling Artifacts found throughout the game. Artifacts are collectible items in God of War that expand upon the game’s lore. Artifacts can also be sold to Brok or Sindri for a decent chunk of change depending on the type of Artifact.

Again, you will want to make sure you’re picking up everything along the way as you play through God of War. Thorough exploration is the only surefire way to ensure you’re finding every Artifiact and gathering as much Hacksilver as you can. As the saying goes, don’t leave any stone unturned. 

Sell Unwanted Gear and Equipment

Out with the old, and in with the new. Throughout God of War, players can sell unwanted armor and gear to Sindri and Brok. They pay pretty well for your old gear, so don’t be shy when trying to sell things to clean up your inventory. 

If you sell something on accident or simply change your mind about a sale you made, you can buy back your previous gear, albeit at a slightly higher price than what you sold it for. Selling unwanted armor and gear will not only lighten your load, but will also help you quickly earn more Hacksilver.

Those are some of the best and most efficient ways to earn Hacksilver fast in God of War. Be sure to check out our God of War Walkthrough and Guide for more God of War tips and tutorials.

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