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God of War – How to Defeat Travelers

by Prima Games Staff

Travelers are a class of enemy that Kratos and Atreus can come across during their travels through the nine realms. There are various Travelers around the realms and defeating these heavily armored enemies is no easy feat.

To help you out we’ve put together this in-depth guide on how to find a Traveler’s weakness, as well as how to exploit that weakness and defeat a Traveler.

God of War – How to Defeat Travelers

As we stated above, Travelers are very difficult enemies to defeat in God of War, mostly due to their high attack power and insane levels of armor.

While you could ignore these enemies, instead focusing on other things in the game, defeating all of the Travelers throughout the nine realms will complete one of the optional Favors that you have in the game, and reward you with some nice goodies.

When you first face off against a Traveler, the heavily armored enemy can be very daunting. Do not let the armor fool you though. These enemies are not nearly as difficult to defeat once you have an idea of what you’re doing.

We’ve currently come across two different types of Travelers in God of War, though their attack patterns and behaviors appear to be very similar.

The two Travelers that we’ve come across act and attack pretty much in the same ways, however, one of them carries a shield along its back, making it more difficult to attack it from behind. There are few different types of attacks to look out for, though, all of which can usually be dodged pretty easily.

The first attack is a whirling attack. You should notice the Traveler winding his sword back, preparing for the whirlwind attack.

This attack can run both once or twice, depending on how the Traveler’s health looks—we’ve noticed that the Traveler appears to only whirl once when above 75% health, whereas they appear to whirl twice after dropping below this threshold.

While health could not even play a factor, it’s something to keep an eye on either way, as the Traveler becomes much more aggressive when his health drops below 50%.

Another attack to look out for is a charged lunge that can be very damaging, and sometimes fatal depending on the Kratos’ health and overall level. You’ll also want to watch out for a sword slam, which can also prove fatal.

Again, all of these attacks are very easy to avoid by dodging, so make sure you’re making use of the dodge button to stay alive.

The key to killing a Traveler quickly is to build up your Spartan Rage and then unleash it. The nice thing about Spartan Rage is that it causes stun damage. Once you’ve filled the Traveler’s stun meter, press R3 to initiate a massive attack that causes Kratos to rip off the breastplate of the Traveler’s armor, dealing a ton of damage to it.

If for some reason you can’t build up enough Spartan Rage, simply follow the Traveler’s patterns. Wait for the Traveler to attack with a whirlwind attack, lunge, or slam, and then move in for the attack. Hit him a few times, then back out of range before the Traveler can counterattack.

Simply rinse and repeat this method and the Traveler’s armor should slowly break off, allowing you to deal more damage. If the Traveler turns his back to you, do not try to attack as his shield or armor will block all incoming damage.

Instead, move close until he goes to attack and then jump away, dodging away from the attack. At this point, move in and get a few hits off.

That’s really all you need to know to take Traveler’s down. You can also make use of Atreus arrows to build up the Traveler’s stun meter, giving you a chance to initiate a big attack without using your Spartan Rage, but it will take a good bit to pull off.

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