Treasure Maps are aplenty in God of War and finding all of them—and then solving them—is definitely going to be worth your time. These maps offer some sweet rewards for players who acquire and solve them. Today we’ll show you how to find and complete The Historian Treasure Map in God of War. We’ll explain the location of the map, as well as the solution to finding its buried treasure.

The Historian Treasure Map Location

To find The Historian Treasure Map, you’re going to want to head to the Ruins of the Ancients in Midgard. This area can be found to the northwest of the travel room.

Once you land the boat here, move forward to the map directly in front of the pillar that you can climb over. Open the treasure map and take a look at it to learn the description of the dig spot.

The Historian Treasure Map Solution

Now that you have the map, it’s time to find the dig spot. This particular map will lead you to Fafnir’s Storeroom. If you’ve already explored up to this point, then you’ll be able to travel to the nearby Mystic Gateway. If you haven’t, then find your way to the location with the map image below.

Once you arrive at the storeroom, it’s time to look around for the spot that you need to dig in. Head past the dwarf’s location and continue forward along the path. Climb through the low hanging tunnel, and then make your way into the large clearing.

You should spot a climbable wall in front of you. Jump up it and continue onward and to the left a little, towards the entrance to Fafnir’s Storeroom. Here you should see the two statues from the drawing on the treasure map.

Approach the statues and then look for the small pile of dirt on the left-hand side of the area, next to the statue. Approach it and press Circle to start digging for the prize. Completing The Historian Treasure Map will reward you with 1 Legendary Enchantment, 1 Eternal Frost, 30 Aegir’s Gold, and 5,000 Hacksilver.

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