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God of War: Ragnarok All Trophies – Listed

BOY! We can't wait to platinum God of War: Ragnarok.

by Grant Testa
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November 9, 2022 – a day long marked in the calendars of the PlayStation faithful is nearly here, and the launch of God of War: Ragnarok is nigh. For series fanatics, Ragnarok marks the ninth installment in the God of War franchise, concluding Kratos’ adventures through Norse mythology, while for trophy hunters, the game provides yet another earnable platinum trophy in the iconic, PlayStation-exclusive series from Santa Monica Studio.

This guide will present all of the trophies for God of War: Ragnarok, including the four gold, 15 silver, and 16 bronze achievements required for the platinum, and will denote hidden trophies if you wish to avoid minor spoilers. Without further ado, here is the trophy list for God of War: Ragnarok, launching tomorrow, November 9, 2022, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

God of War: Ragnarok – Trophy List

The Bear and the Wolf (Platinum)

  • Collect all Trophies

HIDDEN TROPHY – The Florist (Bronze)

  • Collect one flower from each of the nine realms

The Librarian (Bronze)

  • Collect all of the Books

The Curator (Bronze)

  • Collect all of the Artifacts

How it Started (Bronze)

  • Equip an Enchantment

Spit Shine (Bronze)

  • Upgrade one piece of armor

Spartan Ways (Silver)

  • Remember the Spartan teachings

Full Belly (Silver)

  • Obtain all of the Apples of Idunn and Horns of Blood Mead

Knock off the Rust (Bronze)

  • Purchase a Skill

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HIDDEN TROPHY – A Grizzly Encounter (Bronze)

  • Battle the Bear

HIDDEN TROPHY – Blood Debt (Bronze)

  • Battle the God of Thunder

HIDDEN TROPHY – Backyard Brawl (Bronze)

  • Battle the Mysterious Valkyrie

HIDDEN TROPHY – Root of the Problem (Bronze)

  • Battle Nidhogg

HIDDEN TROPHY – The Cauldron (Bronze)

  • Destroy Gryla’s cauldron

HIDDEN TROPHY – Off the Leash (Bronze)

  • Battle Garm

HIDDEN TROPHY – Comeuppance (Bronze)

  • Battle Heimdall

HIDDEN TROPHY – Better Together (Bronze)

  • Battle Hrist and Mist

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Phalanx (Silver)

  • Obtain all Shields

Collector (Silver)

  • Obtain all Relics and Sword Hilts

Dragon Slayer (Silver)

  • Craft the Dragon Scaled Armor Set

How it’s Going (Silver)

  • Fully repair the Amulet of Yggdrasil

HIDDEN TROPHY – Funeral for a Friend (Silver)

  • Attend the funeral

HIDDEN TROPHY – Rebel Leader (Bronze)

  • Return the Hammer of the Rebellion

HIDDEN TROPHY – New Friends (Bronze)

  • Fetch Lunda’s orb

HIDDEN TROPHY – Full Gufa (Silver)

  • Free the Hafgufas

HIDDEN TROPHY – Making Amends (Silver)

  • Free the Lyngbakr

HIDDEN TROPHY – It Was a Good Day (Silver)

  • Retrieve Mardoll

HIDDEN TROPHY – Invasive Species (Silver)

  • Complete all of the Crater Hunts

HIDDEN TROPHY – Besties (Silver)

  • Pet Speki and Svanna

HIDDEN TROPHY – Rightful Place (Silver)

  • Return all the Lindwyrms to Ratatoskr

HIDDEN TROPHY – Pure of Hart (Silver)

  • Return the Stags of the Four Seasons

HIDDEN TROPHY – Trials by Fire (Silver)

  • Complete the Trials of Muspelheim

Ready for Commitment (Gold)

  • Fully upgrade one armor set

HIDDEN TROPHY – Ragnarok (Gold)

  • Battle the All-Father

HIDDEN TROPHY – Grave Mistake (Gold)

  • Battle King Hrolf

HIDDEN TROPHY – The True Queen (Gold)

  • Battle Gna