Ghosts of Tsushima Pre-Load: Download Size and Unlock Time

The Ghosts of Tsushima pre-load is now available. Here's everything you need to know about the game's download size and unlock time.

The PlayStation exclusive samurai title Ghosts of Tsushima is only a few days away from being released and players can now pre-load the game onto their PlayStation 4 consoles. If you’re hyped about the game and want to play it the second it releases, then this option is for you. In this guide, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the Ghosts of Tsushima pre-load, including the download size and unlock time.

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Ghosts of Tsushima Pre-Load: Download Size and Unlock Time

You can get the Ghosts of Tsushima pre-load on your PlayStation 4 console if you’ve purchased a digital copy of the game through the PlayStation Store. From there, simply head into the “Game Library” and select the Ghosts of Tsushima game card. On the screen, you will see an option to download the game, which will begin the pre-load. At the time of writing the Ghosts of Tsushima install size is just over 35GB, but this could get a bit bigger with any patches ahead of or post-launch. It is not uncommon for a game to have a large day-one patch, and with a game as big as Ghosts, it seems fairly likely that will be the case. 

As far as the Ghosts of Tsushima unlock time goes, the game will be available to play at midnight on June 17 local time. If you’ve pre-loaded the game, you can hop in at midnight, but if not, you’ll have to wait for the 35+ GB download to install on your PlayStation 4 before you can hop in the world that Sucker Punch has created. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye out for our review of the game in the next few days.

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Ghosts of Tsushima is set in the late 13th Century and is set on Tsushima Island, which is the last area that stands between Japan and the Mongol Empire’s army. Players will take the role of Jin Sakai, one of the few remaining survivors in his clan, who is determined to do whatever he must to reclaim his home. Sakai decides to abandon his formal training as a samurai and follow the path of the Ghosts in a final attempt to save his land. The land of Tsushima Island boasts a beautiful and expansive world that players can explore filled with ancient forests and tranquil shrines. 

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