Ghost of Tsushima Legendary Thief Outfit – Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy

To get the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy in Ghost of Tsushima, players need to dress in the Legendary Thief outfit. Here's all the pieces you'll need.

There are a lot of trophies that PS4 players can collect in Ghost of Tsushima, some of which will be easy and some which will require a bit of work. To get the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy in Ghost of Tsushima, players will need to dress up in the Legendary Thief outfit. So, in this guide we are going to explain how to get the outfit and earn the trophy.

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How to Get the Cooper Clan Cosplayer Trophy in Ghost of Tsushima

To get the Legendary Thief outfit in Ghost of Tsushima, players will need to collect five different items as they make their way through the game. Unfortunately, some of the pieces needed aren’t available until the third act, which takes place in the Kamiagata region, so it’s going to take some time to earn the Clan Cosplayer trophy. That being said, this is an open-world game, so if you’d prefer to just play through the story and go back and collect all the necessary pieces afterward, that’ll work too. In the list below, you’ll find all five items you’ll need to dress in the Ghost of Tsushima Legendary Thief outfit.

  • Ocean’s Guardian
  • Thief’s Wrap
  • Sly Tanuki 
  • Crooked Kama Headband
  • Gosaku’s Armor

The first item you’ll need to get the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy is the Ocean’s Guardian, which is a blue-colored dye. It can be purchased from most any merchant once you’ve unlocked Gosaku’s Armor in the third act. Next, you’ll need to track down a special Thief’s Wrap mask, which you can get at a gift altar. However, to make these gifts appear, you’ll have to work your way through the story, and eventually they’ll just show up. No rush to collect it though, as it’ll stay there forever. So by the time you’ve tracked down the rest of the Ghost of Tsushima Legendary Thief outfit, it should be there.

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The remaining items can be found in the Kamiagata region, which is the third area in the game. For starters, the Sly Tanuki is a sword kit which can be found from a Pillar of Honor in Kin Prefecture. Next, you’ll want to grab the Crooked Kama Headband, which can be found on the tippy top of the Jogaku Temple. This will require you to grapple to the top of the building using the corners of the roof, you’ll find the headband in the center of the roof.

The last item on the list is Gosaku’s Armor, which is, of course the most challenging of them all. To earn the armor, players will need to complete a quest named “The Unbreakable Gosaku,” which requires players to free six farms. It’ll take a bit of time, but since it’s a main quest, you’re going to have to do it anyways.

To actually earn the trophy, put on all of the pieces of the Legendary Thief armor at one time, and you’ll instantly earn the Ghost of Tsushima Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy. Congrats!

If you’re just getting started with the game, you may find yourself with a lot of questions. If so, we have tons of guides on our website that will likely help answer some of them. Additionally, in the links below you’ll find some of our recent guides for the game. 

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