Ghost of Tsushima 1.05 Update Patch Notes

New high and low difficulty options and more!

A new update came to Ghost of Tsushima this week, updating the open world Samurai adventure to version 1.05. In addition to the technical fixes you’d normally expect for updates like these, Sucker Punch has actually added a few new features and changes to the game. From higher difficulty to new accessibility options, The new ghost of Tsushima update adds a little something for everyone. Check out the details right here in our guide!

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Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.05 Guide

The new feature that will likely grab the most attention is a new difficulty level for players seeking even more of a challenge. The new setting is called “lethal,” and it does exactly what it’s named for. The adjustments for Lethal mode are as follows:

  • Weapons do more damage, which applies to both enemies and Jin
  • Enemies will behave more aggressively in combat
  • Enemy detection is much faster, giving players less time to slip away
  • The timing windows for parries and dodging are smaller

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Sucker Punch is also adding options for the other end of the equation here, with a Lower Intensity Combat option. This makes things a lot easier on players without making major changes to gameplay. Here are the notes:

  • Most unblockable attacks become blockable, with a few exceptions
  • If an enemy hits you they’ll stop their combo, giving you more time to regain ground
  • Heavy attacks will interrupt Brutes
  • While healing with Resolve, enemies won’t attack you
  • Enemy detection is much slower, giving you more time to duck away if you’re spotted

In terms of accessibility, several options have also been added for Ghost of Tsushima’s text, expanding its legibility for more players who would benefit from said options. The details are below:

  • Large Text option, which increases all text size by 150%
  • New option to toggle speaker names on/off for subtitles
  • New color options for subtitles, adding green, yellow, blue and red

Bug fixes were also included, but Sucker Punch did not detail which bugs were fixed in its official patch notes.

Do you think these are good additions for the first significant Ghost of Tsushima update? Is there anything crucial missing you’d like to see after 1.05? Give us a shout on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels and let us know!


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