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Ghost Recon Wildlands – How to Get the M203 GL

by Josh Hawkins

If you use assault rifles a lot in Ghost Recon Wildlands, then chances are you’ve found yourself looking for a good grenade launcher to attach to the underbarrel of your weapon. In this article we’ll show you how to obtain the M203 GL, which is the most powerful grenade launcher in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Once obtained, you can equip this item to any assault rifle with an underbarrel from the comfort of your Loadout menu.

How to Find the M203 GL

In order to get this powerful grenade launcher, you’re going to need to make your way to the province of Remanzo, which is situated between Koani, Media Luna, San Mateo, Mojocoyo, and Barvechos.

The easiest way to make it to this province the first time is to grab a helicopter and stick close to the ground as you trek across the provinces between you and Remanzo. If you’ve already managed to visit this province, and happen to have the Poco Village Rally Point, then you can simply fast travel there.

Once in Remanzo, make your way to Poco Village, a large village along the western edge of Remanzo’s northern border area.

There aren’t any enemy encampments here, but we still suggest taking things slowly, as UNIDAD and Santa Blanca patrols can be found in the area.

To find the M203 GL, make your way to the southwestern corner of Poco Village. You’ll need to look out for a one-story storage facility, which is located along the back wall that surrounds the village.

If you’re having trouble finding it, be sure to look out for two multi-story buildings nearby ,including one house right to the left of the storage building.

Once you locate the building, head inside of the storage facility and look for the Weapon Case on the metal shelves found in the corner of the building.

Loot the Weapon Case to obtain the M203 GL. Now that you have the most powerful grenade launcher in the game, make sure to go ahead and equip. It works quite well on assault rifles like the Mk17, or the ACR. To equip it, head into your Loadout and click on the weapon of your choice. Navigate down to the Underbarrel tab, and then select the M203 GL from the list. Now you’re ready to blow things up.

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