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Ghost Recon Wildlands – How to Find Your Ideal Playstyle

by Josh Hawkins

Ghost Recon Wildlands is set within a massive open world that allows players to complete missions however they choose. You can go in guns-blazing, or even sneak your way around a compound, taking out entire groups of enemies without ever alerting anyone. In this article we’ll teach you more about the various Ghost Recon Wildlands playstyles, and even offer some advice on things like how to switch your shoulders, how to change aim modes, and more.

How to Change Aim Mode

One of the most crucial parts of surviving in Ghost Recon Wildlands is learning how to adapt to your surroundings. By default, Wildlands gives you a full ADS (aim-down-sights) view when you press and hold the Right-mouse button or the Left Trigger on a controller. You can change this at any time to showcase a more traditional third-person view of your aiming reticle by pressing R3 (Right-stick on Xbox controller) or Alt on the keyboard.

How to Switch Shoulders

Once you’ve learned how to change to the third-person ADS system, you may notice that the default shoulder alignment doesn’t always give you a clear shot. Thankfully, you can always change this with the click of a button. While aiming down sight in the third-person view, press the middle-mouse button, or RB button on the controller. This will allow you to swap between viewing over the left and right shoulders of your operator.

How to Find Your Ideal Playstyle

With the basics of aiming down, it’s time to move on to finding your playstyle. While much of Ghost Recon Wildlands’ basic tutorial will push the idea of stealth and suppressed weapons, you’re actually free to play the game anyway that you feel works best for you. It should also be noted that choosing a playstyle and sticking with it is important, as new skills in Ghost Recon Wildlands can be pretty expensive, making it tough to be a jack of all trades.

There are three main playstyles that players can use in Ghost Recon Wildlands, and we will break them all down below. Now, players should also realize that the playstyles that we have outlined below are by no means set in stone. Feel free to experiment and change your playstyle to cater best to what you like and enjoy doing. These are just rough markers to help you get started on your journey to conquer Bolivia and stop El Sueno’s rule.

The Hitman

Focused around silenced weaponry and stealth, The Hitman, is a playstyle that focuses on taking out enemies swiftly and quietly. Your main goal with this playstyle is to remain hidden at all times, and rely more on your single-fire weapons. This playstyle will revolve heavily around silenced pistols, as well a sniper rifles, all which will allow you to take the enemy down without alerting others.

A good starting setup for this playstyle includes the following items:

  • Primary Weapon: Silenced M40A5 (or other silenced sniper rifle)
  • Secondary Weapon: Silenced P416 (or any silenced assault rifle)
  • Handgun: Silenced P45T (or any silenced pistol)
  • Items: Diversion Lure, Flare Gun, Flash Grenade

Run ‘n Gun

This playstyle focuses mainly on quick decisive action, no matter the cost. Players running this setup will want to get close and personal, and will rely on taking their enemies down before they have a chance to call for reinforcements.

A good starting setup for this playstyle includes:

  • Primary Weapon: P416 (or other Assault Rifle)
  • Secondary Weapon: Spas-12 (or any other shotgun)
  • Handgun: Santa Blanca Skorpion (or any other available handgun/compact machine gun)
  • Items: Flash Grenade, Grenade, C4

The Heavy

The third playstyle we want to outline relies upon heavy weaponry like Light Machine Guns to mow through enemy forces with ease. It also features a silenced secondary weapon, which will allow the user to easily swap between loud and suppressed takedowns, depending on the target in question.

A good starting setup for this playstyle includes the following:

  • Primary Weapon: Mk249 (or any other light machine gun)
  • Secondary Weapon: P416 (or any other assault rifle)
  • Handgun: P45T (or any other pistol capable of using a suppressor)
  • Items: Grenade, Mine, C4, Flash Grenade, Flare Gun

These are just three of the various playstyles available to players. One of the biggest selling points of Ghost Recon Wildlands is the ability to make any playstyle work within the game. We’ll have plenty of additional guides coming for Ghost Recon Wildlands, so be sure to check back often for updated information on the game as we grow closer to release. You should also be sure to check out our guides on how to use C4, as well as our complete in-depth article on how to get more resources in Ghost Recon Wildlands.