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Ghost Recon Wildlands – Combat Tips

by Josh Hawkins

Players everywhere are diving into Ghost Recon Wildlands this weekend and giving Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter a try. In this article we’ll focus on the combat aspect of the game. We’ll be offering plenty of Ghost Recon Wildlands combat tips and tricks to help you out along the way, as the combat system does work a bit differently compared to other Ubisoft shooters released over the past couple of years.

Recon the Area

One of the most important parts of Ghost Recon Wildland’s combat system is reconnaissance and the game gives you plenty of ways to get the information that you need. Scattered around the world are several different pieces of Intel, which will offer information about the world and areas that you should check out for enemy supplies. Alongside these you can also make use of a deployable drone, which allows you to scout each area and look for enemies from a relatively safe distance away.

The Ghosts also come equipped with standard binoculars, which allow you to get above your enemies and look down upon them to see what your best point of entry is. All of these items are also upgradeable using Skill Points, which players can earn and find around the game world.

Work as a Team

Ghost Recon is all about working as a team and Ghost Recon Wildlands takes this idea very seriously. If you’re playing with other players, you’ll need to take care and pay attention to what your teammates are doing. Find your way around the world and plan your attacks carefully. If you choose to play the game solo, which is absolutely an option, then you’ll find yourself able to control three AI characters who will make up your team throughout the story. Either way you take things, working together as a team and communicating is important to your success in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Choose a Role

It can be tempting for everyone to simply run in and start shooting at enemies as you complete missions. We’d recommend against this notion, though, as it can create issues later in the game. Because of this, each player in your team should have a chosen role that they can fill. You’ll want someone who can scout the area, as well as a sniper that can pick off any enemies from afar. Assault driven players are also important, and we’d recommend having member of your team equipped to handle all the various types of combat that you’ll encounter in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Whether up close and personal, or picking off enemies from afar. Your team needs clear boundaries and roles if you want to succeed.

Adapt or Die

The combat in Ghost Recon Wildlands can change quite quickly. One moment you’ll be shooting at a group of enemies from afar and the next they’ll be right on top of you. Make sure you have weapons that work for all occasions and don’t be afraid to swap out your guns for different weapon types. You can find different weapons scattered around the game world, so check each area when you and your team begin clearing them out.

If you follow the information we’ve included here, you’ll have a much easier time getting the hang of Ghost Recon Widland’s combat system. Take things slow, work together as a team, and make sure to choose clear roles for each member of your party. All these components are crucial if you want to be successful at the game, so make sure you’re paying attention to what your fireteam is doing as much as possible. Not sure how to play the game with friends? Check out our guide for more help.

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