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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Engineer Class Guide

by Nicholas Barth

The Deep State update has officially arrived in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and it has brought plenty of new content for players to experience. One of the most significant injections of content through this update are the two new classes that players can now use to take down their enemies. One of these classes is known as the Engineer Class and allows you to use an impressive level of technology and power to gain the advantage over your enemies. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Engineer Class covered for you.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Engineer Class

The Engineer Class utilizes some extremely beneficial technology to help it reign supreme over its enemies on the battlefield. This technology consists of a battle drone that can take on plenty of enemy fire and return in with even great power to mow down groups of combatants. Engineer players will also have access to a supply drone that provides special ammo which can also be shot to take out enemies through being used as a trap. 

You can find the official details of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Engineer Class that make it such a formidable threat from the shadows below:

Special Ability

Defensive Drone: Attacks nearby enemies (less efficient in PvP)

Special Tool

 Supply Drone: Gives allies an extra magazine (buffed ammo, less efficient in PvP)

Passive Skills

  • +10% Grenade Launcher AOE: Level 2 + 20% (less efficient in PvP)
  • +5% Drone Damage: Level 2 + 10% in all modes (not in PvP)

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Engineer Class

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