Ghost of Tsushima: All Haiku Locations

Time to relax and reflect

Ghost of Tsushima All Haiku Locations

Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima can slice up enemies with his katana or be the world’s stealthiest samurai, but from time to time it is okay to slow down and reflect – Jim can even sit down and compose a haiku. Yeah, you can be a poet in Ghost of Tsushima when you find specific locations where you can take a break and select some predetermined lines to finish a haiku, a short poem with a 5-7-5 syllable structure. Check out the complete list of all haiku locations in Ghost of Tsushima and Iki Island expansion that brings a few more.

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All Haiku Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Below, you will find all Haiku locations in three acts of the main game and the DLC.

Haiku Locations in Ghost of Tsushima Act 1 (Izuhara)

  • Hiyoshi Haiku – This one is part of the Haiku tutorial, can’t be missed.
  • Ariake Haiku – Locate a small island in the middle of Lake Izuhara.
  • Azamo Haiku – South of Kuta Grasslands, a point where the river goes into the sea.
  • Tsutsu Haiku – North from Ohama Fishing Village.
  • Komatsu Haiku – In the middle part of the Black Sands Inlet.
  • Kashine Haiku – Located to the right of Pillar of Honor.
  • Komoda Haiku – Near Wolf Cub Falls location.
  • Hiyoshi Haiku (2) – Southern from the Old Woodsman’s Canopy.

Haiku Locations in Ghost of Tsushima Act 2 (Toyotama)

  • Akashima Haiku – South from Old Kanazawa Marsh, a place where the river goes into the sea.
  • Umugi Haiku – Middle of the Field of Equinox Flowers.
  • Otsuna Haiku – To the south of Musashi Coast, down the river.
  • Kushi Haiku – North of Benkei’s Falls.
  • Kubara Haiku – Go east from Kubara Forest.

Haiku Locations in Ghost of Tsushima Act 3 (Kamiagata)

  • Kin Haiku – Head north from Kin Sanctuary.
  • Sago Haiku – On the coast west of Guardian’s Ridge.
  • Jogaku Haiku – Go north all the way on the Whale’s Coast.

All Haiku Locations in Ghost of Tsushima DLC (Iki Island)

  • Gonoura Haiku – Find the waterfall close to Lone Spirit Falls.
  • Yahata Haiku – East from Minato’s Camp, on the mountainside north from Tatsu’s Ladder.
  • Gonoura Haiku (2) – Located in Senjo Gorge, easy to spot.

Finishing all of the Haikus in Ghost of Tsushima will give you the Body, Mind, and Spirit Trophy. Completing Haikus will also reward you with some unique cosmetic items for Jin.

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