Windblume's Breath Event Details

Genshin Impact “Windblume’s Breath” Event Guide and Rewards

Let the wind blow you away

It is another holiday season in Genshin Impact with the return of the Windblume Festival to the city of Mondstadt. This place always feels like home, so it is nice to have such a heartwarming event once again. Part of Sumeru’s cast is making a presence here too, giving the first Collei and Amber onscreen reencounter.

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As for the Traveler, they have their hands full as usual with the many activities of the Windblume’s Breath main event, including minigames, story quests and many other things to get some resources, Mora, and an exclusive Greatsword that ends up being quite useful for some characters. Here is all you need to know about this event.

How to Participate in the Windblume’s Breath Event

The event is immediately available for all Adventure Rank 18 or higher players who have completed all Mondstadt Archon Quests. To get a better experience, completing Sumeru’s Archon Quests (Interlude Chapter is not required) and Albedo’s Story Quest is recommended, but not necessary. Use the Quick Start button to skip those and jump into the event.

The quest will automatically start by approaching Katheryne in Mondstadt, and after a few story sessions, you will be free to enjoy all of the event’s secondary activities. They all have small, almost instantaneous side quests attached to them before actually unlocking them and are located in the port exit of Mondstadt. 

Those activities include Breezy Snapshots as a Photographing minigame, Ballads of Breeze as the musical act and Floral Pursuit as a simple “pop the balloons” game.

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All Windblume’s Breath Rewards and Event Shop

The main reward this time around is another free weapon. The Mailed Flower Greatsword is obtained by clearing the Ordered Wind level in the Floral Pursuit minigame, and you get its enhancement items for free through the event’s shop.

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Speaking of which, you will find many valuable resources here. Aside from the Unfading Silky Grace required for Mailed Flower, you also get exclusive furnish, Weapon Enhancement Materials, Mora, a Crown of Insight and Mondstadt Talent Books. We might not have any Mondstadter featured in the limited banners (that is, if you don’t plan on getting Mika later), but those might be good if Eula ever gets her rerun. Release the girl, Hoyoverse, please!

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