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Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit Event Guide and Rewards

The true way of the samurai

by Patrick Souza
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A new Inazuma sword competition is on, and the Traveler would find a way to get involved in it and, obviously, sweep the whole competition away. That’s the basic premise of the new Warrior’s Spirit event in Genshin Impact, which takes the best parts of the previous Clash of Lone Blades minigame and improves it to an overall better experience in parrying attacks.

This fully-dubbed event has you facing different opponents, with a new one automatically unlocked daily, in a pure 1v1 sword-fighting competition, in which you can even find some familiar faces such as Ayaka in her new Springbloom Missive Outfit (which also received a reason to exist, just like Lisa’s). 

Genshin Impact Warrior’s Spirit Event Guide 

For starters, you need to be at Adventure Rank 30 or higher and complete the “Ritou Escape Plan” Archon Quest to get full access to Inazuma. For the complete experience, completing the second Raiden Shogun character quest “Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act II” is recommended but not obligatory, and you can use the Quick Start option to begin the event right away.

After meeting the requirements, search for the temporary “Unexpected Battle” blue quest in your Quest Log and complete it to unlock the event. More quests will be unlocked every two days to keep the story rolling.

The gameplay itself is just like the event’s previous iteration. In a Nioh-like combat style, you fight with the Traveler and his reliable Silver Sword (an upgrade from the Dull Blade!) against different opponents which are more easily defeated with the continuous usage of parry.

Warrior's Spirit Parry Genshin Impact
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You can use the Elemental Skill button to use the Parry skill. When used at the right moment, you can avoid damage from your opponent as well as damage them. Parrying the opponent’s special technique (indicated by a blue glow) counters them with even bigger damage.

Instead of your regular Burst, you get Honed Techniques instead which further enhance such combat style. You can charge the gauge for this technique by successfully parrying or by hitting your regular Normal and Charged attacks. Each battle will have different patterns and sometimes even different Techniques to overcome them.

Warrior’s Spirit Rewards

While there’s no event shop, each duel will give you x60 Primogems when cleared on Hard difficulty, alongside other extras. By overcoming all 6 challenges, you get a total of x360 Primogems, x240000 Mora, x12 Hero’s Wit, x24 Mystic Enhancement Ores, and various Inazuma-themed Weapon Materials and Talent Books.

Completing each story quest also gets you an extra x60 Primogems and some Mora. While Ayaka eventually shows up in her new outfit in the event, you won’t get her new skin for free by playing it. It is only available through the Shop with the temporarily discounted price of 1350 Genesis Crystals (1680 after the next update).

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