Genshin Impact Mega Meka Melee Event Guide and Rewards

You just cannot escape from Bennett in this game

Genshin Mega Meka Melee Event Featured

Fontaine has been here for a whole week in Genshin Impact by now, so it’s about time the main events start kicking in. To headstart the new region’s special occasions, we have the Mega Meka Melee event, combining various minigames with the usual combat activities in a very French-like manner, as expected. Take a look at everything you can find in this special event right here!

Mega Meka Melee Event Guide in Genshin Impact

The event can be played by all players at Adventure Rank 20 or higher who have completed the Song of the Dragon and Freedom Archon Quest in Mondstadt. Completing Fontaine’s own quests is not required, but you should definitely do it if you have the time! After that, all you gotta do it to head to the Quartier Lyonnais Waypoint in Fontaine to start “The Toy Way: Shots Fired” quest to begin the event.

After completing the quick introductory quest, you’ll be presented to your usual event screen, with the different event activities we’ll have on our hands for this version: Dance Dance Resolution, Torrential Turbulent Charge, and Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena. The first stages are unlocked immediately, but subsequent ones are only available a few days after the event’s release.

Dance Dance Resolution

Genshin Mega Meka Melee Event Minigame
Screenshot by Prima Games

Based on a certain Mondstadt adventurer the creator of this toy once met, use the music’s rhythm to hit the buttons at the correct time, aiming for the highest score you can get. You can freely calibrate the game’s to your liking for a quicker or slower key response.

Torrential Turbulent Charge

Challenge various underwater time tracks while avoiding obstacles and hitting the water circles to get a massive speed boost. There are many tracks for you to challenge, each of them in a different underwater setting of Fontaine, so you better have a few Waypoints unlocked!

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Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena

The classical battle combat event. The quirk this time is that you have to do it three times in a row in each area. Most enemies will be infused with Pneuma/Ousia, so bringing Fontaine characters is a great call here.

Mega Meka Melee Event Rewards

The rewards include a good amount of Primogems for completing the story quests and side activities and a complete event store filled with useful items such as Hero’s Wit, Mora, a Crown of Insight, and Fontaine Talent Books.

Screenshot by Prima Games

But the main award is the free Bennett copy players can earn by collecting at least 2,400 Enigmatic Copper Mainspring, the event’s currency. Complete all challenges available to get them all and head to the “May Fortune Smile Upon You” tab on the event to claim him.

Some of the areas you’ll visit will require exploring Fontaine quite well, so make sure you complete some of the most important World Quests, such as Ancient Colors, which unlocks a few hidden paths in the newest region.

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