Genshin Impact: How to Connect the Junctions in The Dirge of Bilqis Quest

How do you tell directions inside ancient ruins?

It’s easy to lose track of your real objective in an open-world game such as Genshin Impact. With puzzles from varying curves of difficulty (usually on the easier side, with a few exceptions), we sometimes miss the visual indicators that are crucial to some objectives, such as the Connect the Junctions found during The Dirge of Bilqis quest in the desert areas of Sumeru.

It happens during the Dune-Entombed Fecundity: Part I step, after a lengthy adventure through other ruins to find the Jinn. With this almighty creature’s power in the palm of your hands, it’s time to solve a few more puzzles.

Genshin Impact – How to Connect the Junctions in The Dirge of Bilqis Quest Series

The objective area shows a circle with two blue devices, indicating they must be used to connect said junctions of the structures nearby. The problem: They are blocked by a red circle around them.

If you got lost while looking for other treasure in the room or following the Seelie, you might have lost the important cue for solving this problem. Climb up to the entrance of the room until you find another blue device, this time a little bit different from the other two below.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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Make sure you have the Jinn equipped and interact with the device. This will make one of the two other devices in the lower level available for interactions. Climb back down and mess with it to connect one of the required devices for this objective. This will make a change within the room right next to this device, which contains another simple puzzle.

Completing it will unlock the other device, which allows you to continue in your search for the Eternal Garden. Make sure to remember what you just did, as using those devices to control how the sands flow will be important for your next few puzzles. But you’re trained on that now, so don’t worry about those.

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