Genshin Impact Herbal Remedies

Genshin Impact Herbal Remedies Web Event Guide

Do these recipes actually help your body?

Baizhu’s finally joining the playable cast for Genshin Impact after being locked in a basement for 2.5 years, and all snake man fans couldn’t be happier right now. And to make this moment even better, Hoyoverse has released another Web Event to celebrate it. This time we welcome Herbal Remedies, another activity to give players more in-game rewards.

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This is the perfect opportunity to increase your Baizhu savings if you’re looking forward to getting him. And even if you couldn’t care less for the new 5-star Dendro Catalyst healer in the game, it still gives some free Primogems, so there’s something for everyone here. On to the event, here’s our Herbal Remedies Web Event guide for Genshin Impact!

Herbal Remedies Web Event Guide 

The event runs from April 27 to May 3, and all players at Adventure Rank 10 or higher can participate in it by clicking here. The goal here is to follow correctly all of the prescriptions to successfully prepare medicine for Liyue’s citizens. You can see their previous ones in the Prescriptions option in the menu, complete with all of the ingredients and their respective amount.

Use this information, alongside Baizhu’s notes, to brew medicine in the Medicine Box. You need to adapt the medicine according to the patient’s needs. Sometimes you’ll need to add new ingredients altogether. You cannot retrieve an ingredient after you use them, but there’s no limit amount to them. 

There are three prescriptions in need of changes, and here’s what you should do in each of them:

  • Uncle Tian’s Prescription: 1x Qingxin, 2x Lotus Head, 2x Lizard’s Tail
  • Master Lou’s Prescription: 1x Flaming Flower Stamen, 1x Glaze Lily, 2x Luminescent Spine, 1x Violetgrass
  • Hongdou’s Prescription: 1x Berry, 1x Lizard Tail, 1x Almond, 2x Glaze Lily
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Completing these prescriptions is all that’s needed for getting rewards, which are x40 Primogems, x20000 Mora, x2 Mystic Enhancement Crystals and x2 Nagadus Emerald Fragment.

The “Mysterious Prescriptions” are optional medicines for playable characters and don’t give rewards, but here they are:

  • “Iced Herbal Soup” (Shenhe) – 2x Qingxing, 1x Glaze Lily, 1x Violetgrass, 1x Mist Flower Corolla
  • “Stomach Soothing Brew” (Xiangling) – 1x Berry, 1x Qingxing, 1x Almond, 2x Violetgrass
  • “Beautiful Cream” (Yun Jin) – 4x Almond, 1x Loach Pearl
  • “Invigorating Balm” (Keqing) – 2x Mint, 2x Qinxing, 1x Mist Flower Corolla
  • “Lozenges Essential for Performances” (Xinyan) – 2x Lotus Head, 2x Mint, 1x Berry
  • “Soothing Pellets” (Xiao) – 1x Violetgrass, 1x Almond, 1x Horsetail, 2x Mint
  • “Wound Salve” (Yelan) – 3x Lizard Tail, 2x Glaze Lily
  • “Nourishing Floral Nectar” (Ningguang) – 2x Glaze Lily, 2x Violetgrass, 1x Qingxing
  • “Outdoor Insect Repellent” (Yanfei) – 2x Mint, 1x Lizard Tail, 1x Luminescent Spine, 1x Frog

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