Genshin Impact “Brewing Developments” Event Guide and Rewards

Drink potions, kill monsters, get shiny coins

Brewing Developments is the first event in Genshin Impact 3.6 version. Instead of having the update’s big event right off the bat, they decided to go with a smaller one instead, probably to give players more time to explore the new desert areas in Sumeru and its various quests. This is a smaller event, so it’s easy to slot some time for it.

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Being another simple combat event, this is the perfect way of getting a few gems for Nahida and Nilou or their weapons altogether, so keep reading to know everything you need about the Brewing Developments event, from rewards and team guides to getting the best scores.

How to Start the Brewing Developments Event

The event can be entered by every player at Adventurer Rank 20 or higher. Since this quest is settled in Sumeru, you might want to unlock those teleports around there too. Complete the quest “Boiled Over!” by simply talking to the researcher to begin battling with waves of enemies until the end.

Enter the new event domain through the blue door and pick your challenge. A new challenge is unlocked every two days, with a total of four challenges unlocked throughout the course of a week. Each of them consists of three rounds of enemy waves where you deploy a single team aided by the effects of various stat-enhancing brews.

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The brews’ effects are randomly activated as you battle and are displayed before each round to help you craft a perfect team. The second round of the first challenge greatly favors Hyperbloom teams, for example, so I made a team around that. You can also use Trial characters as a blueprint for how to make your own team.

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You need a maximum of 4000 points to get all rewards, which means roughly 1333 points per round, but you might end up getting all of them in one go with a well-rounded team. Enemies won’t stop coming until the clock is over, so go for as many points as you can.

The full rewards included a total of x420 Primogems, x8 Hero’s Wit, x240000 Mora, x16 Mystic Enhancement Crystals and various Sumeru Talent Books. Going for the Primos only is simple as you only need to get 2000 points per challenge, and the brews’ effects are more than enough to guarantee that with trial characters only.

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