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Genshin Impact: “Akitsu Kimodameshi” Event Guide, Rewards and More

Are you scared yet?

by Patrick Souza
Akitsu Kimodameshi Genshin Impact Event

It’s a spooky season in Inazuma. Better late than never, right? Akitsu Kimodameshi is the newest event in Genshin Impact and revolves around the “Test of Courage” trial prepared by the Yashiro Commission. The Test is composed of a series of minigames that test participants’ guts when venturing into Chinju Forest. And you know what minigames mean for the Traveler: more gems.

The three-part story revolves around the Test itself and the mysterious game that suddenly appeared at the beach near the Forest. While it’s a cursed, magical occurrence in the story, it’s simply a Pong game in gameplay with Elemental Reactions involved to spice it up as a neat touch.

How to Participate in the Akitsu Kimodameshi Event 

The big event in this version runs from December 15th to January 2nd. It requires you to complete the “Ritou Escape Plan” part in the first Inazuma Archon Quest (so you can freely access the city) and the “Taurus Iracundus Chapter: Act I – “Rise Up, Golden Soul” that features Itto, one of the main character in this event. You can use the Quick Start function if you’re not done with the quests yet. 

After that, check the “Test of Courage” quest in your list and speak with Ayato to start it. The quest takes a while, and you’ll meet some Inazuman characters along the way and can even partner up with one of them at a point. 

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When you’re done with it, go for the Experience in Person follow-up quest to unlock the Leisurely Pastime minigame (Elemental Pong), and clearing its two first stages will finally unlock Shatterdark, a more challenging version in which your objective is to defeat the opposing monster by shooting the balls directly at him.

Rewards and Event Shop for Akitsu Kimodameshi

Genshin Impact Akitsu Kimodameshi Shop
Image via Prima Games

The rewards are the usual Primogems for participating in the many minigames, as well as many Inazuma Weapon and Talent Materials, Mora, and Experience Books.

On top of that, you can get the exclusive Toukabou Shigure sword, which boosts Elemental Mastery and has a nice, generic passive. Its refinement item is the Parasol Talcum, also obtained through the Event’s shop.

As it can be obtained totally for free and has a special discount to be leveled during the event, don’t lose your chance to refine it to the strongest for a way lower price than usual. It’s pretty good for an event gift and can be an excellent help for a character you’ve been building for reaction-based teams.

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