Genshin Impact: Adventurer’s Trials – Sequential Trial: 4 Guide

Oh! That's a baseball!

Genshin Impact Event Adventurer's Trials

The minigame rush event Adventurer’s Trials reaches its fourth day in Genshin Impact. Serving as the introductory event for 3.2 version, it has been one of the best experiences for all kinds of players so far. No build? No worries, all you need is to have fun in those quirky challenges that everyone can enjoy. Here’s what you need to know for Sequential Trial: IV.

How to Unlock the Adventurer’s Trials Event in Genshin Impact

All players who have reached Adventure Rank 20 can access the event via the Events option in the main menu with no prerequisites. You can see all the previous challenges in our Genshin Impact tag.

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How to Complete Sequential Trial: IV in Genshin Impact

The three trials are here, but the best one is served right at the start while we get a twist on two previous challenges. During the fourth stage, you get to play A Close Home Run, Superfast Hat Trick, and Verdant Tsunami.

A Close Home Run

  • Characters: Beidou
  • Objective: Score 800 points.
Adventurer's Trials Beidou
Screenshot by Prima Games

Beidou’s living the baseball dream in this trial. Use her counter Skill to swing any of the balls coming in your direction. Hitting the Anemo orbs is quite a breeze (heh), but the Curve Balls are much faster to get and could make things complicated.

Make sure you’re always hitting as many balls as you can at once. At some moments, the score for each swung ball is doubled, so it gets quicker.

Superfast Hat Trick

  • Characters: Jean
  • Objective: Score 60 goals.

Same as the first day, but this time using a more responsible member of the Knights of Favonius instead of their personal terrorist. Knocking regular slimes into the goals nets you 1 point, while the Large ones are worth 5 at once. Adjust the camera while holding your Skill to aim the slimes at the goals.

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Verdant Tsunami

  • Characters: Ayaka
  • Objective: Collect 420 Adventure Coins.

Same old challenge you have previously done with Sayu, but no need to infuse yourself here. Big coins are worth 5 points, so aim for them. Drowning due to slow stamina would be embarrassing, so make sure you’re getting the yellow particles you find across the water.

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