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Genshin Impact: Adventurer’s Trials – Fortuitous Trial

Same challenges, new faces.

by Patrick Souza
Genshin Impact Event Adventurer's Trials

We’ve reached the final day of the Adventurer’s Trials, and this final step has a special way of dealing with its challenges. Instead of having three specific stages with their own preset characters, three of them will be selected at random. And when you get to such a stage, you might get the chance to play with a brand new character who was absent in previous trials! A clever and easy way to recycle the previous content while keeping it fresh with different takes on the same minigame.

The rules will always be the same regardless of the challenge, but some challenges will be way easier with specific characters. Fast and Furious, for example, feels way better to complete with Ayato than Yoimiya, and that’s just one specific case.

How to Unlock the Adventurer’s Trials Event in Genshin Impact

The event is automatically unlocked for players who are at least Adventure Rank 20 through the Events option in the main menu. The event is intended to be played in Multiplayer, but you can quickly grind your runs alone if you want.

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How to Complete Fortuitous Trials

You need to clear the mode at least thrice to get all of the rewards. The challenges will always be the same as before, but you may find yourself with different characters. There’s no telling which modes you’ll play, so just remember what you did previously and adapt to a new set of skills if it applies to your situation.

The alternate characters you may get are:


Kazuha > Sucrose

A Close Home Run

Beidou >  Yun Jin

Thunderlit Battlefield

Nahida and Keqing > Sangonomiya Kokomi and Yae Miko

Screenshot by Prima Games

Verdant Tsunami

Sayu or Ayaka > Mona

Hammering Blow

Xiao > Venti

Fast and Furious

Yoimiya > Kamisato Ayato

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Adding those variants is a pretty nice touch for the ending, although they take quite a while to appear. Take a look at our articles for each of the previous steps on the Genshin Impact tag for more info on each of the challenges, and have fun!