How to Find Teapot Replica IDs in Genshin Impact

Now let's all agree to never be creative again

Serenitea Pot was introduced way back in version 1.4 of Genshin Impact as the game’s housing system. By gathering minerals and wood from different trees all around Teyvat, you can build your furniture and decorate your Teapot in any way you want. And of course, get those sweet Primogems while doing it.

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But if you’re having a hard time decorating the house instead of just randomly tossing items just to get your score up, Hoyoverse finally brought a solution for you. The new Replica function allows you to mimic one’s Teapot design by simply inputting their specific. No need for creativity, just grab any option you like. Here’s how to find and use Teapot Replica IDs.

Where to Get Teapot Replica IDs in Genshin Impact

First of all, you can only use codes for the same server you’re playing. Asia server codes won’t work in North America and vice versa. Have this in mind while looking for ID codes and/or sharing your own.

To find codes, your best bet is to go for the HoYolab forums as they’re filled with different codes from many players. Use the Search function to look for “ID” (or just click here if it helps you) and take a look at those gorgeous designs others have taken their time to share.

Another way is to request your friends’ own codes. If you happen to know one of those crazy Teapot mains, ask them to give you their handmade designs or those they have gotten from elsewhere. They may even help you come up with your own design.

How to use Teapot Replica IDs in Genshin Impact

Serenitea Pot Replica IDs
Screenshot by Prima Games

After finding a perfect code, travel to your Teapot and click on the Teapot icon at the top of your screen. Select Use Replica ID > Search. You can preview the layout, but you can only apply it if you have at least 90% of the required furniture.

You can create your own codes in the same menu. While you’re in the Realm your desire to share, select one of the Empty Replica slots to generate a code for your current layout. 

Strangely enough, you cannot save a layout without its required furniture, so save your code until you can actually apply it to your own pot. This could get patched soon.

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